Tall Girl dress issues

August 2, 2019
last modified: August 2, 2019

So I know I am taller than average at 5’9” and most of it is my torso. I ordered this dress from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale. I really like it for the forest green color, the overall fit, length below the knee, good price. But look at where the belt loops fall in relation to my natural waist! Gah! Drives me crazy trying to buy a dress that fits properly. The loops are a full belt width shorter or more than where they should be for me. I am likely keeping it for the reasons stated and think I could wear the belt without the loops.

I know there are several other tall ladies here, so what do you think? Should I take it somewhere and have them moved or try to do it myself? There are 4 of them and the dress has princess seams.

I don’t know what the white spots are. Maybe light reflections from the mirror. Sorry the photo isn’t the best.

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