7-Gallon crocks?

bpath Oh Sophie
August 4, 2019

Since my house is kind of farmy design (not a "modern farmhouse", it's a 1960 developer build but the model name is "Pennsylvania Farmhouse"), I've wanted to use old crocks on the front porch with the street number on them. We have proper street numbers, too, of course, but since I had two old crocks already from my grandparents' basement with two of our (smaller) numbers, I'd try to find the 3rd number. I'd just have them for display on the porch. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about, but I need a 7-gallon. Manufacturer (Western vs Ohio etc) is not important.

The problem is finding a 7-gallon crock. I saw one once at the flea market, but I didn't have nearly enough cash with me that day, and it had a good crack in it anyway. Not that I'm pickling anything in it, but I figured it might not even survive the drive home.

So, I'm thinking that a 7-gallon crock would have been just too unwieldy, so not many were even made. Is that a fair assumption? Should I give up my search? Maybe change my street number to something I can actually buy lol?

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