Updating 1990's drapery in postmodern home - Advice appreciated

Cheryl Hewitt
August 5, 2019
last modified: August 5, 2019

We're having replacement windows installed in late September and it seems like it would be good timing to also update our original-to-the-house drapery. The house is a postmodern design, and we will be updating our furnishings in the next year to Mid-century Modern (MCM).

The house:

The walls are painted Hint of Vanilla, which is made by a local paint company. The house is not very bright inside because the soffits are deep.

We want lined drapes for privacy, UV protection, and insulation factors, and blackout drapes in the master bedroom. I wish to stick to traverse rods for ease of opening and closing. It would be nice, but it's not detrimental, to use the rods we have. I am leaning towards ribbonfold, but I'm not sure that is the most economical route. Advice wanted on this, along with recommendations for types of material, pattern or not, colors, sources, etc. I am considering bringing in a professional service to help facilitate this, if need be, but I'd like to do my homework first.

Dining Room (picture snagged from the old realty listing, because they are brighter than the ones I took)

drapes: 152"w x 92"h

I took this picture. As you can see it's quite dark in the house.

Front room: (again, picture from listing.) We have removed the valances. The drapes on the left are split 2/3rds and 1/3rd, instead of 50/50. 158"w x 92", left draw.

The tops of the drapes in the dining room and front room have snaps for attaching the drapes. I believe this is similar to what is used for ribbonfold drapes, but I suspect that these are meant to be used when you have a valance so you cannot see the rod or top of the drapes. Can someone confirm this?

Without valance.

Our bedroom has double traverse rods, with blackout drapes behind sheers.

(Picture from old realty listing.)

Drapes: 155"w x 94.5"h, two panels, center, right cord draw.

Bedroom double rods on ceiling. The room colors are this gold with an accent wall that is teal.

This is the couch from JoyBird that I am considering for the front room:

Again, I'm really hoping for input and direction. TIA

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