Looking for blackberry cultivars "Columbia Star" and "Hall's Beauty"

I've been looking all over the web for blackberry cultivars "Columbia Star" and "Hall's Beauty," but it seems like barely anyone is selling them. Do you know where I can get these, or would you be willing to send if you have? Thanks!

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    The Logician LLC

    I just checked at raintreenursery.com and the order webpage for Columbia Star implied they were in stock. This can be a tough time of the year to order caneberries.

  • Eitan Mayer (zone 9a/b, elevation 3,000 feet)

    Thanks. I actually had just gotten off the phone with Raintree before I posted. The website is showing "in stock," but what they mean by that is that they're shipping potted plants just to the Pacific Northwest for now. The next time they'll send my way is either October or April.

    I thought Columbia Star was being widely cultivated. If so, why would I not find it being sold on more than one or two websites?

  • Embothrium

    Widely grown by homeowners or widely grown by berry farms? Because this page from the originating agency talks about trying to "commercialize" these introductions which they have clearly developed with mechanized fruit producers in mind - maybe retail availability is not general because the impression has not been given that these were intended for home plantings. Or they are new enough that if their presence at retail nurseries is ever going to become significant at some point that hasn't happened yet. So in the meantime you will have to buy from those few sources like Jackson & Perkins or Raintree that have picked up on one or more of them.


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    The Logician LLC

    Yes: Columbia Star has gained a toehold on commercial acreage in PNW and U-pick farms. Offerings by a couple of retail nurseries quickly get snatched up. I ordered mine 2 years ago from usaberryplants as tissue culture plugs, but that website is now inactive.

    Best to place a reserve order now for next spring.

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