Rectangle tile direction help!

Krysta K
August 8, 2019

Hello! Which direction should I put my 12x24 tile? The adjacent room has wood planks going in the opposite direction of how I would like to lay the tile. There is a open doorway between the rooms. Would choice A or B be better?

choice b
choice A

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  • everdebz

    Just me to ask what material is the floor now? not bad, from here, nice with dining set....

  • PRO
    Skippack Tile & Stone

    What does the tile you want to use look like? That may affect the answer.

  • Kathi Steele

    I think I like A better.

    Can you lay a few tiles down at the doorway between the rooms for a visual??

  • Krysta K

    The current tile is marble and we are using luxury vinyl over the marble tile. Here are some pictures of “A” in the staggered pattern we will lay it in.

  • Krysta K

    Here is “B” and some general pictures of the kitchen

  • everdebz

    Ceiling has its own direction - when you have laid the tile on floor, how does it seem with ceiling [same direction, and not same]?

  • Krysta K

    Everdebz- interesting point! The tile would be in the same direction as the ceiling with choice B (which is also the same direction as the wood floor in adjacent room).

  • dowagercountess

    I'm choosing B because of the ceiling direction.

  • st5330

    b goes better with ceiling and adjacent room. when i see it laid out for real, B is better.

  • Krysta K

    Thank you everyone for your help! We went with B! And we are so happy!

  • Krysta K

    Here is another picture so you can see the transition between the rooms. The transition piece doesn’t match the wood floor perfectly and will be changed!

  • st5330

    that totally brightened your space! good pick

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