help!!! am I being too picky or should I be upset? bad granite install

12 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

Hi everyone. I really really need some help/advice before I drive myself into a crazy house.

Am I being too picky or would you be upset about this granite install too? If you look at the first photo does the countertop look like it isn’t totally straight to you? I drew on the photo where the seam is where to me it looks like there is an indentation/wave. Our corner radius’ are off as well but I can live with that, it’s the fact that right in the middle of the countertop it looks uneven which makes me notice that the corners aren’t straight either. The second photo shows this as well where you can see that where it was seamed isn’t flush because you can see light through the gap. Third photo is a pic of the seam up close and fourth is a photo of our entire kitchen. Also. The overhang of the granite throughout the whole kitchen also varies by 1/4-1/2 Inch. In one section the overhang will be 1 & 1 /4 inch, and in the next it will be 1 and 1/12 with the most being 1 and 3/4. This obviously isn’t noticeable from far away but I just feel like all of the overhang should be even throughout the space.

Am I being too picky?? Do you guys think this looks good? The issue is number one I got the last two slabs of this granite, period. I searched for this granite for over a YEAR, finally found someone who had it and found a fabricator who I thought was amazing considering their 5 star reviews and thousands of photos showing their quality of work that impressed me. Now that the countertop is cut, obviously nothing can be done about the cut but I’m wondering if someone could come reconfigure it to make it even. Do you think that it was just installed poorly and could potentially be re set by a better installer?? Or Is it shotty work all the way around?

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?? I love my actual stone so much and don’t have the money to get new countertops and honestly even if I did have the money, I can’t get this granite again :( please help!!!

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