Snails?! Yep, snails on Staghorn Fern indoors

August 10, 2019

Today I found some snails on my Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum), any idea how can I get rid of them and prevent them from coming back?

The staghorn is mounted on a wooden board and has been hanging indoors for several years, I was really surprised to find them when watering the moss bed. I have no idea how the snails got inside and this is the first I've ever seen them. Weird, right?

A few years ago it had a scale infestation, which I treated with some manual plucking and a long soak in a solution of Bonide systemic. Would something similar do the trick for snails?

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  • JetSquid

    *thinking they might be getting in through the bathtub drain. I hang the board from tub faucet while watering it and let it drip dry. Will run a tubful of hot water through drain, but I'm hoping to rid all of the little snails that might be on the plant and in the moss still.

  • SW (Sydney, USDA 10b)

    More likely that eggs have hitched a ride on anything that you might have added to the bed in the last few months, or when you water with a container that sometimes sits outside. Doesn‘t look like your Bonide will work for snails; you may have to get something specifically designed for snails and slugs.

    JetSquid thanked SW (Sydney, USDA 10b)
  • JetSquid

    I did add some mosquito bits to help with fungus gnats, maybe they had some eggs. Will try some snail/slug bait.

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