MidCentury Modern Galley Kitchen redo

August 11, 2019

This is a 1960 MidCentury Modern kitchen that my husband has lived in for 19 years, and me, 5. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this kitchen and make it liveable. We were so cramped, if he was cooking (yay) I had to go out one entrance and in the other to get to the other side of the kitchen.

We had a contractor come in and take down the wall, build the ceiling out to the next level of the paneled ceiling, remove a hall closet which then made the pantry bigger, with a barn door as access.

Also they installed flooring, and made a custom barn door. The cabinet people installed the walnut colored (with black glaze) Shiloh cabinets. The countertop is caesarstone Atlantic Salt and the island top is Black Pearl granite. Without the wall separating the galley kitchen from the dining table, it is really nice to come in from the garage and be able to see all the way to the end of the living room, without the obstructed view by the wall.

I am extremely happy with the results, and wanted to share.

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  • Becky

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  • cpartist

    What a huge improvement and I love those cabinets. Hope you enjoy it for many, many years.

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  • felizlady

    What an improvement! It looks much more functional.

    Becky thanked felizlady
  • nancyjwb

    You did a great job! It still looks cozy and homey, but updated. Enjoy!

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  • Julie Berry

    I really love it!

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  • rxannet

    what is the flooring? looks great

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  • arcy_gw

    I thought a galley was long and thin....it's unfortunate one can't get back far enough to really give a feel of what removing the wall did to the home.

  • Becky

    @rxannet those were Pergo Max from Lowes. Newport Pine. Unfortunately, when we decided on those, we had a very difficult time getting them. I had called Lowes to try to get them to order them for me and they were very helpful, but couldn't place an order. I went into the local Lowes, and fortunately for us, someone had just returned 48 boxes, which I promptly snatched up!

  • Becky

    @arcy_gw technically the old kitchen did qualify as a galley. Here is a longshot of the whole back of the house. It is still crowded because it is the living room, kitchen and table area all in one. It's not a very big house, but now seems so much more open.

  • R M

    Wow! Looks great.....enjoy.

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  • Becky

    thanks everbody!

  • cookie1710

    It looks really great--I can so understand your appreciation for the openness! It takes my breath away each time I walk in to my house and can see across to the other side. Even washing dishes is enjoyable in my new big sink!

  • Becky

    @cookie1710 thanks! It doesn't look at wonderful as yours, (my husband vetoed my white cabinet idea), but I am sure enjoying it.

  • PRO
    Lion Windows and Doors

    So much fun! I love the midcentury ranch style.

    Becky thanked Lion Windows and Doors
  • cookie1710

    @becky, but you have an island and a barn door!

  • justerrilynn

    Very nice Becky! I really like your touches of red in accessories and curtains as well.

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