This kitchen feels too big AND too small. Any suggestions?

August 11, 2019
last modified: August 11, 2019

We're considering a kitchen project and are gathering input from a variety of sources, including (hopefully) Houzz users. A layout of our current kitchen with rough dimensions is shown below. Rooms beyond the kitchen are labeled. NOTE: We'll work with a design firm (not a cabinet salesperson) if we actually do the project, so we're just looking for conceptual ideas here.

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The current layout with a 10' island creates bottlenecks in front of the sink and refrigerator and creates a long barrier that cuts the kitchen in half. In addition, the seating space feels a bit awkward in relation to the pantry and oven doors (the pair of black squares next to pantry).

Outside the main work area of the kitchen, there's a large open space that likely functioned as a small dining area before the previous owners added a family room. It feels a too large to be empty, but now it's just a really, really large walkway. It's about 14' by 11.5' at its widest points.

We're looking for layout suggestions that would (1) ease the congestion in the main work area, (2) allow for seating of 3-4 people since we frequently eat and gather in the kitchen, and (3) better utilize some of the current empty space.

I know this is sketchy and insufficient information for meaningful design help. But if anybody has a general suggestion to help us re-think the space, that would be great. I'll try to answer questions as best I can, but I'm about 300 miles from the house, so getting precise information is difficult. Again - we'll use a designer if we decide to go ahead with a project, so this is just preliminary brainstorming for fun.

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