My tree dropped a 64 foot branch

Naturally on a calm humid day. It was the big cantelevered one I was just thinking about having someone trim back. I hate sawing through this hard oak.
Mercifully it missed everything. Partially thanks to the powerline trimmers who I told to cut it back a little further last time. Them fellows earned the soft drinks and tip I left them.
If anything the tree is better balanced now. I still looked for signs of ground disturbance from any shifting and saw none. The trunk looks the same also with the exception of an 8 nch oval scrape.
Do I remember some talk about oaks doing this almost intentionally? I feel like we just had our first dry spell of the year. About 5 years back it dropped a couple sizeable branches the summer after the tornado hit the property across the street and lifted, still tearing up a bradford and box elder on the other side of the oak

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