Turning the tide toward weedfree lawn

August 12, 2019

Hi, my lawn is mostly bahia grass which i love because it is very drought tolerant and does not need furtilizer other than maybe some patasium once in a while. I have some bahia seed but i dont want to lay it down until we start getting some rain in east texas on a regular basis.

The biggest issues with the lawn are clover and dallas grass/crab grass which are pretty close i think, its one or the other.

There are large areas of it, but it has not yet taken over the whole lawn. What i would like to do is to start turning the tide back to bahia grass and gettting rid of the dallas/crab grass on a budget.

I dont even have a spreader, i just use a large coffee can and poked a bunch of holes in the top so i can spread seed more evenly, it worked well at my last place.

I am afraid of using weed stuff on my lawn because i dont want to end up with a mud lawn if it kills the bahia grass as some consider that a weed too.

So what is my best option, treating the lawn, digging up the crab grass and laying down some new seed and top soil, just killing the whole section with chems and replanting entire sections.

There are two sides to the lot, this is left side, the other side to the right looks the same.

Thats my neighbors RV not mine.

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  • GreenDesigns

    In season, mow frequently and starve the weeds. Like every 3-4 days. That’s as natural as you can get. Then in spring, use a pre-emergent. And mow frequently.

  • dchall_san_antonio

    Dallis grass grows fast and long. Crabgrass grows low to the ground.

    If you have large patches of the weed, you could lay down some cardboard protection to mask off your good grass and then spray the weeds with RoundUp to kill them. Use a "sticker" in the RU. You can use shampoo. Both those weeds are hydrophobic and will shed water and herbicide sprays, but the sticker will cause the spray to attach to the leaves and stick. After you spray remove all the cardboard and start watering daily trying to germinate any seeds in the sprayed area. Do that for a week and spray again with RU. Give that a day or two and then rake out all the dead weeds and grass. You're ready to seed.

    Crabgrass seed needs two things to sprout. It needs frequent water but only for a few days. It also needs full sunlight. If you normally water every day in the spring, that is PERFECT to grow crabgrass. If you normally water once every 2 or 3 weeks in the spring, you likely will have no crabgrass at all. Of course Mother Nature has Her say in how much water it gets, but if She cooperates, you can go all summer with no crabgrass. It also needs full sun. If you mow the bahia at the mower's highest setting, that will provide enough shade on the seed that it cannot take root even if it germinates. Preemergent can help when applied in early spring, mid spring, and late spring.

  • garybeaumont_gw

    Glyphosate (old formula of Roundup) will kill the crabgrass. Do not use pre emergent weed killer on area where you have seeded or going to seed bahia. Bahia will tolerate most chemicals once it is bigger but even 2,4D can kill it when it first comes up.

    Crabgrass is an annual grass and has to come up from seed each year. In East Texas it will come up since you will get plenty of rain. Once you get a good cover the other grasses will choke the crabgrass out.

  • David

    For my crabgrass and dallisgrass i use simple baking soda (.50 cents a box) i just sprinkle it on the crab or dallis grass on a calm day (sometimes with a mist of water after) and the next day its dying and in a few days its dead.

    I also have spurge and prickly lettuce, the lettuce is killed by my home made formula of vinagar, salt, and dawn dish soap.

    The hardest weed i have not been able to kill effectivly is the spurge. I have even tried adding a touch of gasoline to my homeade brew and yet the spurge still survives, what a hard weed to kill DIY. Most people just hand pull it but i am not able to be on my knees hardly due to my physical condition so i have to find another way. The only process i have found that is any good outside of herbacide is using all three ways against it. I use my home brew include the gas, then i put baking soda, and then when it drys out a bit in a day or so, i dump some gas on it and burn it. There has to be an easier way to kill spurge.. The question is "what is it that spurge hates that i can dump on it"? Or "what does it need that i can take away" ?

    Also, i just overseeded on one side with bahia seed, ill keep it damp to see what happens in 10 days.

  • morpheuspa (6B/7A, E. PA)

    "[E]ven tried adding a touch of gasoline to my homeade brew..."

    The vinegar and Dawn don't bother me at all for obvious reasons of chemistry, but the salt can have lasting consequences. As for gas, don't do that...

  • dchall_san_antonio

    I second what David said about baking soda on dallis grass and crabgrass.

    Gasoline is a bit much. I use paint thinner which is, at least, not explosive. But my experience with paint thinner on spurge is the same as his with gasoline. Fortunately a huge patch of spurge has only one root, so it can be plucked out cleanly with little effort.

  • David

    OK np, no more gas in the mix... I dont use the DIY mix on the lawn other than some very small spots. Its mostly used for the driveway. If i damage the soil in the driveway i dont suppose that matters much, if i can make that environment unenhabbitable maybe that is a good thing.

  • David

    The one thing that i feel very blessed not to have is puncture weed aka sand burs aka goat heads. This plant i strongly feel was created by the devil himself. First it is very hard to kill just like spurge, then you have the biggest issue and that is all the burs it drops on the ground. If you have ever stepped on one then you know they are very painfull and if not then there will be sounds comming out of you that noone has ever heard before lol...

    Once you have those burs you cant get rid of them, they work their way into every part of your life on your land including inside your home. They stick in bicycle tires, car tires, bottoms of shoes, shoe laces and any other thing they come into contact with. So once you find one no more going bearfoot outside because where there is one there are many. I am very glad i dont have that weed here, we had them in New Mexico and i never want to see that weed again ever.

    One reason i dont pull sturge by hand is because when you disturb it, it drops tons and tons of seeds and every time a weed drops seeds then youll have to worry about those seeds for the next 5 years before they are to old to germinate.

    So basically once you get a lawn weed free and can just maintain it and get to the weeds before they flower (seed drop) then from that point forward you have 5 years before you can call your lawn clean of seeds.

    Question: If i am getting weeds in the gravel that means that my gravel is not deep enough to block the sun, is that correct?

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