Mildew smell in new furniture?

August 12, 2019

I just bought a tigerwood piece and it has a strong mildew odor I had not detected in the store. It comes from one of those import places that has suppliers in Thailand. This piece smells like it was in the hold of the freighter for too long. I would return it except it is the perfect size, etc. Do you have any thoughts about eliminating the odor? Thankfully there are no drawers, it is open shelving.

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  • Olychick

    I'd return it and keep looking, because if you keep it and the smell never goes away, it will be too late to return.

    If you want to risk it, setting it in the sunshine and turning it once in a while so every surface gets the rays might work.

  • Sheeisback GW

    Lots of sunshine and is also wipe it down with Zero spray. That stuff eliminates odors.

  • lascatx

    Alcohol or bleach should kill the mildew, but you want to make sure you don't damage the finish. Cleaning it with a citrus oil furniture cleaner/polish might help. Maybe the lemon scented Clorox wipes? But if it doesn't clean up easily, I'd return it and keep looking. There will be other options.

  • pudgeder

    Return it -- we purchased some new furniture that had a smell. It too came from overseas. Had it several years. NOTHING worked to get the smell out. I finally replaced it.

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    dataw1127, does your screen name have anything to do with a certain development in the beautiful Lowcountry?

  • yeonassky

    Try burying it in UN-used cat litter for a few days. That has worked for some people with different smells.

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