Help with living room design

Zain-Muf Manasawala
August 12, 2019

Just bought a new place! What kind of accent chairs can i use to compliment the power recliner leather sofa and where should I put them

Curtains are originals and need to go so I would love some ideas about that as well

Thanks for the help in advance, I really thought I would have been better at this but I am all confused and overwhelmed

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    RL Relocation LLC

    Can you post a picture from the other side as well?

    Things I notice:

    Not much room for chairs here because there would be no walking space really left

    The rug isn't working with the sofa or the room really no rug might be better here or something non descript.

    the TV stand is a bit too large, I would opt for a wall mounted one and wall mount the tv, or a very narrow one.

    the curtains you know are wrong, but I am wondering if sea grass blinds or less is more effect would work better there

  • Lil S

    I'd put the rug under the couch, rather than the tv stand. Please show a picture of the other side of the room. We can't see if there's a doorway there as well.

  • Zain-Muf Manasawala

    Here are more pictures from different angles!
    Right side of the windows theres a 62” opening that leads to the shoe area and main entrance door
    On the other side is the “dining room” that I made into a mini play room, not planning on buying a formal dining table set
    Thanks for all the help, we are debating between curtains and blinds, would love some curtains idea
    I know the rug is a little too big but culturally we sit on the floor a lot and are just used to the full carpeted floor feel so we tend to want to cover most of the area.
    Living room is a long rectangle 212”x126”, as the recliner can only sit 3 people I would love to find a way to add one or two accent chairs (advice on colors and type that would compliment the sofa?)
    The area rug is still returnable so I would love ideas on that
    The tv stand is non negotiable husband loves it too much and I dont know where we would put sound bar, google home etc without it
    The two options that I see are:
    1- 2 accent chairs by each window between the curtains and the lamp in the middle or smthg like that or maybe one of the two round side table in the middle and shift the shelving unit to the left and add a small area rug to make it look like a different space
    2- Put one accent chair on each side of the sofa which would kind of cover the entire wall and move the shelving unit somewhere else or between the two windows
    Hope this all makes more sense
    Thanks again

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    The rug is too small not too big. It would be better as a square shape in this space.

    Because there is so much dead space by the windows, i would move the tv down so it is centered to the whole wall rather than to the part of the wall that is between the door. side the sofa down, and put the rug more under the sofa than the tv stand. This will allow you to but a chair angled toward the tv under the window. I would put the black book shelf in the dining area on the back wall.

  • Olychick

    Is the dining room wider than the living room? If so, I'd think about switching out the rooms so the tv and couch aren't so close and give you more options for seating.

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