Roof options for a garden court

Mike Chen
August 12, 2019

We have an open-roof garden court that is 8x13. The attached photo is not the property, but it's very similar. What are options to either put a permanent roof on it (maybe roof with sunroof) or retractable rain-proof cover or half-and-half? My spouse is very heat sensitive and the glare from this space can be a pain.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Is this a separate house or part of a condo complex? It is always important to post pictures of the actual space. If your spouse has heat sensitivity good AC and solar shades will help a lot the solar shades will help for sure with the glare.

  • Mike Chen

    It is a home we are thinking of purchasing from a relative and it has renters in it right now, so we can't take a photo. But it's a standalone home built in 1973. The example photo is from a neighboring home that was on the market a few months ago and is the exact same layout.

  • localeater

    You specified your concern is glare, not protection from rain, so you don’t really need a roof. You could easily do shade sail on courtyard.

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    Something with trellis or panels could also work. Possibly even a retractable awning.

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  • daisychain01

    We have greenhouse clear panels over ours (we made it a peaked roof) and then a retractable awning on airplane cables similar to the pic below. If you don't need rain protection, I'd just do the awning.

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  • Mike Chen

    So to be clear, the primary concern is the glare. We do want to be able to enjoy the space from time to time, but my wife is very heat/glare sensitive. Pretty open to a bunch of options, really,

    @daisychain01 are the greenhouse panels rainproof? Were the airplane hooks DIY or was that designed into your structure?

    We're curious about ways to keep it convertible -- dry enough that kids toys or furniture can be in there but also a way to enjoy the weather when it's pleasant. What would be the general cost range for doing something like a permanent roof installation with a skylight?

  • One Devoted Dame

    Would it have to be rainproof?

    My first thought was a pergola-style roof with an evergreen vine (I like Confederate Jasmine because it grows well in my area and it's nontoxic) covering it. Something like that would reduce glare and heat, and be absolutely gorgeous... but wouldn't be waterproof and would take a year or two (or three) to get established.

  • localeater

    For a general cost in your area you really need to consult someone in your area. I love Daisy's greenhouse panels, but IIRC it doesnt get very hot where her cottage is.

  • Mike Chen

    @OneDevotedDame I think ideally we'd like rainproof options. We'd like it to be a function all-weather room, where in theory it could be a part-time office or play room. So some furniture or toys or materials could be in there safely on a semi-permanent basis but obviously nothing valuable or big electronics.

    This is all really new to us, thanks for posting all the different possibilities.

  • daisychain01

    Yes, the greenhouse panels are rainproof, but we have them installed on rafters/trusses just like a regular roof would be, so I'm not sure if you are up for that big of a project. The greenhouse panels cut quite a bit of the heat and glare. Our contractor originally purchased the wrong panels. They were clear, but didn't keep out any uv light (I think that was the issue). When light came thru with those clear panels, it was extremely intense (like i thought paper on the floor would catch fire).

    I did the airplane cables and hooks myself. We did 3 rows of cable so that the awning is attached on either edge and in the middle. We only draw the awning a few times a year, but are happy we have it for those few times.

    We have extreme weather. Our temps are only high (mid to high 80s) for two months of the year.

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