Help! Layout device needed!

August 13, 2019

Hi all,

We purchased a home last year and worked with an architect to develop a master plan prior to moving in. Although his ideas were great, we found we used the space a bit differently than anticipated and a few things we THOUGHT we had to change we actually don't mind so much after all. Since we sank 12K into a master plan already (and won't be doing much of it at all), I'd like to have some pretty locked down ideas before we go back so we don't throw away money again. Plus, I'd like to solicit a few bids to ensure our latest revisions are in line with our budget.

The biggest thing we want to change is to knock down the existing wall between the dining and kitchen to open it up. If we relocate the kitchen to where the dining room is today, that would give us site lines into both the formal living room (currently used as kids play room) and family room. We would take the existing kitchen/informal dining space and move dining there. We are only a family of four, but have extended family visiting often, so that gives us the opportunity to expand the table when needed so we can all eat together (we don't use formal dining unless family is over and our existing formal dining isn't big enough to fit extended family). My drawing included us cantilevering the exterior facing wall out 2', which would give us a little extra needed space, without having to change our roof line.

Attached is our existing layout and my ideas on what we should do moving forward - I welcome all thoughts and feedback! And yes, we will eventually work with a kitchen designer, but I need to confirm I can get what I want within the existing confines + 2' cantilever. (Original plan was an addition which was much more costly and that is what I'm trying to avoid).

Thanks so much in advance!

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