GE Monogram Refrigerator lemon

August 13, 2019
last modified: August 13, 2019

We have a less than 2 year old 48” GE Monogram refrigerator that has been a nightmare.... a month after moving into our new home the icemaker went out during Thanksgiving weekend. Of course we had a house full of company that week so it was quite embarrassing to be serving bagged ice all week. A new ice maker install was the fix....well we thought it was but since then we have had 5 issues with internal water leaks all from the same area. Each time the “issue” appears to be fixed and we go several months without an issue and then.....leaks...

GE just keeps sending a repair person to fix it and I keep complaining that one day I won’t be home to turn it off and they will be dealing with a bigger issue- ruined wood floors....

This morning I woke up to a mess, overnight it leaked horribly.. It was even difficult to open the door but luckily I was able to open and turn off the ice maker.

I called the Monogram hotline and the earliest they can come out is next Monday, we have to wait almost an entire week. I am tired of chipping ice from food and from inside of the freezer, I am tired of worrying about a potential flood.....

I have asked to have this refrigerator replaced since it is still under warranty but I get the run around....

Its really sad that an appliance that has some great qualities, is ruined by a faulty part. I would avoid this refrigerator.

any suggestions?

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  • Michael

    If it's the same issue occurring over and over, check your state's lemon law for appliances. You may be able to get a refund or full replacement. You may also get better traction from GE if you tell them that you're pursuing using the lemon law.

  • teresa

    I am researching it, right now it looks like the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is what I need. Luckily it is still under warranty plus I purchased extended warranties on all my GE Monogram appliances. Just a pain that I have to go through this time and time again and it is a pain to clean up....I am

  • dadoes

    Ice makers typically leak when the water inlet valve malfunctions ... seeping from not fully shutting off which leads to the ice mold overflowing. The valve is a separate part from the icemaker mechanism itself. Has the valve been checked/replaced?

  • teresa

    TY this is a flaw in design there is a piece that takes water from the pipe to the tray that keeps falling off and that is the majority of the issue.

  • dadoes

    Interesting, and curious. The fill fume isn't a moving part so seems odd it'd fall off. Perhaps the GE Monogram ice maker is a different design than my (15yo) GE Arctica. Best of luck to you in dealing with the issue.

  • teresa

    That’s the part it has come off numerous times. And a couple other times it has leaked with it in place

  • dadoes

    Perhaps there was something wrong with the ice maker which called for replacement of it ... but the flume is a separate part and not included with the ice maker (not on my refrigerator model, can't say about yours without knowing what's the model number). Presumably the original flume was transferred from your original ice maker to the new ... then was the flume replace separately on subsequent occasions? Again, it's odd that your flume is coming loose. It's not a moving part, just clips to the edge of the mold and sits there to direct the water flow into the mold. Is it mounted wrong to the mold? Is the dump arm hitting the flume during harvest cycles and knocking it loose?

  • teresa

    yes replacec due to the motor that turned the thing that pushed ice out. Don’t know why flume keeps breaking and falling off it’s been replaced 2 times. Repairman is now coming tomorrow after I complained.... we will see what happens

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