Outdoor fountain in SF Bay Area: recommendations, care?

August 13, 2019


I am looking at an outdoor fountain to be placed in my backyard. The spot is out in the open, in the middle of the yard, and without any cover/eaves/trees on the top. However, there will be a stone-paved surface on which this fountain will sit.

I am looking at the fountain care tips, and was (kind of) shocked to find that most fountain care tips suggest that the fountain be moved indoors in winter. I did not know that a so-called outdoor fountain would be even more tender and frost sensitive than my tropical plants!! :-(

I am wondering if this is just some legal disclaimer, or a blanket care instruction written without any regard to the climate. I am in SF Bay Area, it does not snow here, and barring occasional early morning frost in the winter, we do not get anything resembling snow. The water that is left in the fountain will most certainly get cold but will not freeze often.

Therefore, my questions are:

-- do you have a cast stone fountain in a similar climate and do you leave it outdoors, or do anything special to protect it in winter?

-- have you had a good experience ordering items from any online vendor? The products I'm looking at are by Campania International, and several vendors sell them. I am looking for good quality, because even though they mention accepting returns, it'll be challenging due to the weight of the item. I'd rather choose a vendor who will ship an undamaged product to begin with.

TIA, and any other experiences/stories/tips will be appreciated.

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