Deep burgundy 'weed' common in NYC tree pits...

Lynn Nevins
August 13, 2019

Anyone know what this is?


Comments (3)

  • linaria_gw

    Looks like a second plant mixed in,

    the seed heads look very much like some Amaranthus to me,

    there are garden varieties and weedy ones, and if I remember correctly they hybridize freely, they would love freshly disturbed soil (which is watered sometimes?)

    a picture of foliage and the whole plant would help

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    If you click to enlarge you'll see they're attached to the leaves and they aren't seed heads. They're flowers and spent flowers of something in Lamiaceae. I asked for leaf and habit pix on the OS duplicate thread. I hope they're on their way.

  • Lynn Nevins

    Here are more pix. And yes, there's another plant in there (licorice mint leaf) which you can ignore. ;-)

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