kitchen cabinet color change, paint or stain?

Laura K Morghon
August 13, 2019

I have orange oak cabinets in my kitchen. They are good quality with pull outs and the layout is fine but this is a very sunny kitchen and the finish has become very orange over the years. I want to change the color and am debating paint vs sanding them down and refinishing with stain. If I went with stain it would either be clear or something like Minwax Green Tea. I really like the idea of a translucent green with wood grain showing through. I will probably have a professional do the work whichever way I go.

So my question is really which would look and wear better paint or stain? If I go with paint it will probably be some shade of green.

This kitchen has a 23’ x 4’ solarium window/wall on the west side so there is plenty of light if I want to go with a darker green.

The flooring will be changing to Supercore SPC but I haven’t nailed the color down yet. It will probably be Chattanooga Hickory or Oak Natural. This flooring will be throughout the main floor.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on colored stain vs paint. I’d love to see any pictures of colored stain on oak or painted oak cabinets, especially if they are a color other than white or gray.

Thank you!

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  • functionthenlook

    Hands down stain keeps its look and wears better than paint.

    Laura K Morghon thanked functionthenlook
  • hu1967910

    Green sounds like a fun choice. I have no pictures, but I'm about to get a new kitchen island with blueish stain. I chose the stained look over blue paint because I like seeing a bit of the wood grain showing through. If your cabinets will get hit with a lot of sunlight, it would worth knowing whether paint or stain is more forgiving about showing little dings and blemishes.

    Laura K Morghon thanked hu1967910
  • branson4020

    Hey, it's your money, but I think they look just fine.

  • Laura K Morghon

    They don't look terrible but the finish is getting worn out and the orange is not great with either of the floor colors I am considering.

  • megs1030

    Love the idea of green and I love all the light in your kitchen! I say go for the green. You are going to invest time and money either way so if you can afford what you want, go for it!

    Laura K Morghon thanked megs1030
  • Connie Stackhouse

    Definitely green or stain. With those beautiful windows and lovely view from the outside, you need to “bring the outside in.” Don’t go white or gray. That would clash with your amazing backdrop!

    Laura K Morghon thanked Connie Stackhouse

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