tile installation gap

chirag patel
August 13, 2019

contractor left this gap. how do i fill this gap?? or just leave it?

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  • branson4020

    What am I looking at? Picture from further back please.

  • PRO
    Johnson Flooring Co Inc

    I assume it's filled with grout. Mask the wall, put tape slightly overlapping the grout on the two sides and apply a coat or two of off-white paint, then pull the tape.

  • chirag patel

    its the bottom of the wall. where it meets floor

  • cat_ky

    Shouldnt there be a moulding along the edge of the flooring? If so, that gap will never show.

  • kudzu9

    A small piece of white molding will not only hide that, but improve how the whole thing looks.

  • PRO
    Johnson Flooring Co Inc

    Seriously? Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like there's encaustic type tile on the floor and woodgrain tile on the wall. A piece of perimeter trim would look horrendous. It would be foolish to put a white stripe all the way around the room for this, but it would cover it up and distract from this minor flaw (by adding an eyesore).

  • kudzu9

    I'm serious. I find that having two surfaces meet like that looks unfinished, even if the tile has a perfect, uniform intersection without gaps. I had my bathroom re-tiled several years ago by a tilesetter who was fanatic in his attention to detail, but I ended up adding a small piece of shoe molding all the way around the room and it looks much better, in my opinion. To each his taste....

  • ci_lantro

    There isn't a good fix for that. I would want to avoid having molding there; just something else to clean. So I would probably do as Johnson Flooring suggested and then set a trash can there.

    Even if small slivers of tile had been installed, I'd be bothered by the fact that the wall is skewed relative to the tile so I'd have to position a trash can (or something) there so I couldn't see it.

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