Alternative to range hood over island slide in range

Lynn Soriat
August 13, 2019

Please help.

I'm about ready to tear my hair out, trying to plan my kitchen reno. The best place for the range is in the island, but I refuse to hang a range hood over it as it will obstruct the view of the window from the living room. The pop up hoods are outrageously expensive and can't be used with a range, only a cooktop. My idea is to place a grate in the 8" little divider area between my work surface and the bar height eating area of the island. (see drawing) I could either install a recirculating carbon filtered fan, or vent it to the outside. I can't find any information online about this idea ... I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of it.

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  • PRO

    You need an overhead hood, or you need a different location for the range. . There is no substitute for adequate OVERHEAD venting. Heat, odors, grease, stream, and smoke, all RISE. This is why downdrafts are so useless.

    Post your layout.

  • suzyq53

    If you really cook, you'll need good ventilation, especially with the additional of an oven in the island. There might be an option you haven't considered. Post your kitchen layout and maybe get some ideas for a different location for the range. If you have to leave it in the island, depending on the size of the range, you could look at slim glass island hoods that are less obtrusive but not available in larger sizes. You will need to look at your range's specs to see the required capacity.

  • wdccruise

    Faber, Elica, and Zephyr make some hoods that can be mounted in or on the ceiling. I checked one of the Faber installation guides and it showed the minimum and maximum allowable distances from the cooking surface.


    Maybe an induction range would be the best choice in this case to minimize the amount of heat generated. Top-rated by Consumer Reports: GE Profile PHS930SLSS

    -- amateur

  • Shannon_WI

    “The best place for the range is in the island”

    Perhaps not. Post your floor plan and let’s see.

  • justerrilynn

    I had no ventilation over my 30” island slide-in . I bought a stream line s/s 42“ range hood for my 30” stove and hung it a little higher than recommended. I’m just under 5’5 and it does not obstruct my view. We bought the brand Xtreme Air on Amazon because it was so reasonably priced and had removable dishwasher safe grates. It’s fine for the way I cook. If I did a lot of frying I‘m not sure I’d be as happy. My model is no longer available but a large slim version in another brand might work for you...mount a bit higher.

    ETA: My island is 8’ x 5’ so aesthetically the slim larger than normal (in relation to stove size) works and works hung a bit higher. In this case island size would matter.

  • kaseki

    Lynn wrote: "I can't find any information online about this idea ... I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of it."

    Assuming Houzz/Garden Web counts as "on-line," then your search missed a key source. You will find here that this subject has been exhaustively addressed, both with respect to down-draft vents and ceiling "hoods."

    tl;dr: Cooking effluent rises as a plume starting at pan diameter (larger with gas) that expands as it rises. The hotter it is the greater its momentum. Hotter, higher momentum plumes cannot be effectively u-turned to flow downward to a vent. Only the lowest temperature cooking can be deflected in this way. As for collecting the rising effluent at the ceiling, plume expansion and effects of cross drafts cause the ceiling vent to have to be very large and have high CFM ventilation requirements, along with high CFM make-up air requirements.

    Perform your search with the "site:" tag pointing to here.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    You can get retractable hoods and you will be surprised how little of the view is blocked by a regular hood it is more of an issue in your mind than in reality. I agree the island is the worse place and a raised bar is not good either and if you think a downdrfat is expensive just cost out what you are thinking of.

  • Lynn Soriat

    I've tried uploading an image and it doesn't work.

  • PRO

    It must be a jpg. And you must wait until the image isn’t grayed out and appears in full color. Only then do you hit Submit.

  • kittyinhendersonville

    Look for ceiling mount island range hoods. I had the same problem on my previous remodel. I went with a Sirrus and a exterior blower with a high CFU. Loved the led lights and remote start.

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