I want to paint all the gray- white. Is that a mistake?

tam d
August 13, 2019

I want to paint all the tones of gray - white. Is that a mistake? I have people telling me I should go a cream, but my gut tells me to go white. Help!!

I'd love to change the counters, but we just bought this house, and are out of $$!

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  • tartanmeup

    What colour are the cabinets? With the counter and floor, I'd go with a warm white, not a cool white but I can't tell what colour the cabinets are. Do you have any printer paper on hand? Take a couple of sheets and tape them to the island, flush against the counter. You'll see that a stark white is not a good idea with that counter or floor. You might want to look into greiges. Benjamin Moore's Silver Satin might be a good one.

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  • et phonehome

    I agree that getting rid of the cool Grey is a good idea since the counter is warm toned. Cream would work but if you prefer white I think you need to make sure it is a warm white and not a cool / stark white. I like the idea of using printer paper to see how a stark white would look. Greige might look good as the other poster suggested but it won't help if you are trying to get away from Grey. Your best bet is to get a lot of paint chips and see what looks good. Just make sure they are warm toned so they don't clash with the counters and backsplash :)

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  • tam d


  • Connie Stackhouse

    Another vote for a creamier white. The gray doesn’t seem to go with the counter or the floor, which I assume are staying. Beautiful space, by the way!

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  • apple_pie_order

    Prime it with a couple coats of white primer. THen you can decide how white you want to make the finish coats. The paint needs to coordinate with the flooring.

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  • Mark Brunner

    New to this house? I’d live with it for awhile.

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  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    It would not be a mistake at all, as long as you take the time to pick the right white. Painting over the gray with primer before you choose the final color is a good idea - that way the gray won't affect how the color chips look in the room.

    Pick up plenty of color chips in various shades of white -- you will find a couple that just seem right - then get sample cans of those, and paint large pieces of poster board or drywall to try them out next to the floor and counters

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  • A Foster

    No suggestion for wall color but agree u need to get rid of gray change. My phone it looks like cool white cabinets, warm desert beige orange counter n backsplash and beige floors. Then a cool modern gray wall n accent. The gray Would of worked with the cabinets but not with the warm stuff. Your new home is pretty I’m sure one of the pro can help u bring it all together

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  • tatts

    You do not need two coats of primer to cover a light color with another light color. You don't need primer at all with most modern paints..

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  • wacokid

    Yes you need primer. And like apple pie said two coats will make it easy to paint your final paint color. Even with a high quality paint.

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  • skunst2017

    Not a mistake at all ! Go for it , it will be beautiful !!!! Gorgeous kitchen space !!!! Congrats .!

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  • skunst2017

    And instead of changing the counters ..just change the backsplash ..cover it with stainless steel ..or in future ..change it to white ..as well..

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    Start with simply painting that and living with it for a while.

    See what happens.

    That's my vote.

    And congrats on new house!

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  • tam d

    I know! cant imagine WHY so freakin’ big!! I’m painting it white for certain to make it ‘disappear’!


    With your current countertops, placing some accessories in a teal blue would look amazing. Vase, candle, whatever.

    The teal color from the TV screen jump starts the current color palette.

    The cool grey doesn't work. Then, the 2 toned grey for the range hood, lol! It's like you could watch a movie on that thing!

    Have fun, can't wait to see your "after" pictures.

  • felizlady

    Not everyone likes the gray fad. Go ahead and paint the gray walls white, but be careful to match the white of your kitchen cabinets so you won’t have clashing whites. You could choose white for the kitchen walls and bring in color with your kitchen accessories: towels, potholders, canisters, art. With an open plan, you will want both areas to coordinate, so use some of your kitchen accent color in the adjoining room(s).

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I agree the range hood is the thing I would change first in fact I would remove it and get just a nice stainless hood more in proprtion to the rest of the cabinets.As for changing all the gray I do agree a bit warmer white with those floors or run the vinyl plank through the kitchen those 2 floors do not work together at all no wonder the wall colr is an issue

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