Are drawers usually symmetrical on either side of the range/rangetop?

4 days ago

Symmetry or usefulness? I like symmetry around a range/rangetop but not sure what to do in my case. I'd asked for a lazy susan in the corner (far left) and symmetrical drawers around the rangetop, but the result is small 17" drawers on either side. The usable space of the drawers is 15". This seems small, especially for so many drawers. If I cancel the lazy susan, I can have 26" drawers to the left of the rangetop and keep the 17" drawers to the right. I would change the height (or is it depth) of all 6 drawers to include a narrower drawer on the top. Although I prefer symmetry, I worry that 6 17" drawers will not be very useful.

Please ignore the x'd out section. I have also attached a photo of the other wall. Thank you for any advice you can give.

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