How to add an electrical outlet onto a kitchen island

2 days ago

I’m looking to add an electrical outlet on my kitchen island. The island was already put in place and my home is located on a concrete slab so there’s no crawl space or anything. Is there any way for me to add outlets to the island?

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  • GreenDesigns

    The right electrician can bore under the slab and then go up. It’s easier to do if the island is moved first. Call around.

    You will also need room in a cabinet for an electric box. This should have been planned for from your KD from the beginning. It’s s basic code requirement. How did it ever pass inspection without it?

  • AboutToGetDusty

    GreenDesigns, you're assuming a lot. Perhaps ac_heard's kitchen is not new. Maybe the kitchen is old. Codes change, you know.

  • ac_heard

    You’re correct AboutToGetDusty, it is an older kitchen. Everything is pretty original except for aesthetic things like they painted the island, replaced fronts of cabinets and a new countertop.

  • Casamacho

    suedonim75 it's the most annoying thing about these boards. The only annoying thing actually.

  • Dormelles

    @ac_heard, I have the same situation. First, you'll want to verify whether or not you have a post-tensioned slab. If you do, then you cannot drill into the slab without a lot of expensive work-arounds to avoid severely damaging your slab. Have you considered installing a system like the Legrand Adorne under-cabinet receptacle system to wall cabinetry? This would supply additional receptacles for you on the perimeter and perhaps minimize the need for electricity to the island. The Task Lighting under-cabinet receptacles are another option for that. One option we considered was coming down to an island from the ceiling and adding a decorative post for the receptacles, but this can block the view and look awkward in most layouts. If your island is set close to a wall or a natural design feature that might make this feasible, it might be something to consider. Otherwise, as the other commenters have posted, it is possible to lay sheathed cable to an island by drilling a channel in the slab.

  • ac_heard

    A channel actually may work best in my situation. If anyone knows, I would want to verify: I’d use a wet/dry masonry saw, correct?

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