Living room with high ceiling and wierd layout - decor ideas?

Jamila Banu
4 days ago

This is a picture of the my living room taken from upstairs. I say it is a wierd layout because I find it challenging to create a functional seating area without blocking the path to the various rooms -

The door on the top left is the master bedroom.

The tile you see at the bottom left is the kitchen/breakfast area.

The french doors to the right is the Office.

The opening you see at the bottom left is the entry to half bath, coat closet and garage.

I am looking for ideas to:

- add more seating.

- add a coffee table or more side tables to be used for entertaining

- suggestions on the wall decor for the high ceiling (the 2 canvas paintings are done by my daughter and carry sentimental value. Should I add 2 more of the same size, with a different painting (geometrical?) to make it a 4-panel art? or remove the panels altogether and leave that wall empty?)

- I love this plant on the left to the TV. But I want something tall for this area, to accentuate the space. Should I use a tall planter? Or a different plant? a tree maybe?

I have added more photos of this room in different angles. Please provide ideas on furniture, decor, and anything else to make it more welcoming.

This plant moves around, so this is not the permanent spot.

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    RL Relocation LLC

    OK here I go..

    All the art work is too high up on the wall, and the clock is just in the wrong spot

    I would wall mount the tv and get a more slender console

    sell the love seat and sofa, replace with a sectional sofa which has its back to the kitchen.

    The rug is much too small for the area as well.

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    RL Relocation LLC

    To test this I would create and L shape with the two pieces you have.

  • housegal200

    You're correct that this is a challenging design. Here are some possible solutions. You seem open to replacing your furniture, so that is my first thought:

    --Replace both sofas with comfortable armchairs with tallish backs that can be floated in the middle of the room around a coffee table. This will greatly add flow around the room so that you're not blocking all the inconvenient doorways. Note how a dramatic light pendant centers the seating. With the height you have, a beautiful pendant would have an incredible effect in both lighting the room and bringing down the scale to a more comfortable height.

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    You have warm, wood floors in a beautiful color. Have a wooden bookcase in the same finish built to the left of your fireplace that can accommodate your TV. Have it built to the height of your mantel. Alternatively, get a very wide console, not too deep, for the TV. The one you have is too small and doesn't link in any way to the finishes in the room.

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    Get an oversized large square or round rug for the room in a pattern that picks up the warmth of your wood finishes and echoes whatever upholstery you eventually choose for your seating.

    All art work should be hung at eye level regardless of how high your ceilings are. That means the center of each piece should be around 57" from the floor to the center of the art. Pair your daughter's paintings side by side at eye level. Lower the art work over the mantel so it's about 6" from the mantel so they connect. If you love that piece, or your daughter's art, then choose your future furniture palette--upholstery, pillows, etc. from the art. (This chair is the same silvery blue as in your painting. The legs are in similar wood finish as your wood floors and trim. Four similar ones--or these--around a round coffee table would look wonderful and really function well in the room.

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  • housegal200

    P.S. Resist the temptation to add various small pieces on the walls, mantels, etc. No clock in the living room! Add drama to the room with a great rug, hanging modern pendant light, tall drapes that coordinate with rug and new furniture.

  • PRO

    There is only so much you can do with this space and it would be easier with one small sofa and a lounge chair. You don't really have the room for a sofa and loveseat..

  • Jamila Banu

    Not sure if I want to replace my sofa at this point. It is actually new! Before that, I had this setup below. The ottoman was floating around as needed. I think this setup worked great for my family, both aesthetically and functionally. We loved spending family time here, in front of the tv or playing board games. The problem with this setup was lack of seating when we had company over. So I got the new silver/grey sofa thinking that will give me more flexibility to add more seating. I also wanted to change the color scheme from cream/red to more of blues and silver

  • Jamila Banu

    I like all of the ideas and suggestions from everyone. It makes me question everything that I have picked out!

  • housegal200

    Just enjoy what you picked out. I misunderstood that you wanted to change the seating. Find yourself a good sized rug with the silvery blues of your painting and the warm brown of your floor. That will give you a feeliing of the room being centered. Beverly gave you a good suggestion for layout. Lower your art. Think about adding a wall system or console on your TV wall for a streamlined look. That looks too bare. Good luck!

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    Sorry but your previous set up worked better You could have removed the ottoman, added a chair and a round table to the area

  • katinparadise

    I would try the sofa and loveseat in the same L shape as your previous sectional. You're essentially recreating the same layout with different pieces.

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    RL Relocation LLC

    Oh well you had it right, that sectional was a bit too over sized for the room, and that might have been the problem.

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