Can I use two different backsplashes in same room but in 2 areas?

Rocky Brown
4 days ago

Here’s the dilemma, I’m wondering if I can add another backsplash to the bar area in my kitchen that is on the opposite wall of my kitchen cabinets that have an existing backsplash. The existing backsplash is the classic white subway tiles. The other one would be much smaller rectangle tiles and they’re sort of this light icy blue color. The new backsplash definitely matches the bar area, but I don’t know if it looks strange or is poor design to have two different ones in basically the same room. The other thing is, I have an old fireplace right next to the bar and don’t know if adding backsplash makes it TOO busy with the texture of the brick. These are free tiles and I can do the work myself, but just want to be sure it would look right. Thoughts?!?

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