bought a green vanity need help needed picking tile for bathroom

Donna B
August 14, 2019

I fell in love with this vanity and mirror and the price was great so I took the plunge and now I'm stuck with the tile colors for the floor and shower. I have satin brass on all of the doors in the house and I would like to do the bathroom with a combo of dark & brass hardware. I love the olive pebble tile for the shower floor and I'm going to do a strip of it running up in the shower. But I feel like the rest of the tile I picked is pretty boring. I'm really into decorative tile but I can't seem to pick something to bring it all together. This is a guest bath and I would love it to have a wow factor. The only thing I have is the vanity/mirror , the rest I haven't bough yet so I am very open to suggestions. Here is my idea board. Thanks in advance!

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  • mmilos

    I think your choices are nice. You have the vanity as a star. Everything doesn't need to be a showstopper. And usually boring = timeless for hard finishes.

    One thing you could do is skip the accent strip and do the whole shower in the green round penny tile. Just be sure you get a good tilesetter if you decide on the penny round tile. It can be difficult to install without showing seams.

  • PRO

    Lovely green but I think the dark metal finish is brutal in appearance and doesn't work as well as the soft brass.

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  • Donna B

    Mmilos, that is also a great idea. This bathroom is so small with not much light, so I was trying to stay away from too much dark color, but the green penny tile is polished so it would reflect light. Beverlyfladeziner, honestly, I would prefer to have all of my fixtures in a satin brass, the only reason I went with dark is due to the handles on the cabinet, but I can switch the handles/exposed hinges to a satin brass or do you think it's okay to keep the handles and just incorporate the satin brass fixtures? It definitely does look softer with all of the fixtures in brass. Obviously I'll match them as best as I can when I get to purchasing but it looks better without the black:

  • PRO

    Every metal item doesn't have to match

  • Donna B

    Katinparadise, yes! I totally love that. I was only looking at my local floor&decor and they didn't quite have something like that, I like this one a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  • acm

    I like white with the accent rather than all green -- I think it will make the shower feel closed in.

  • Donna B

    this looks really good in my opinion! What do you think?

  • cpartist

    Donna, I was going to suggest exactly what you just picked. Great choice. However, I would not run a green stripe up in the shower. The floor will be more than enough along with the white and penny round of the shower floor.

    Great choices and thank you for not doing white/gray blah!

  • katinparadise

    You're welcome. I love it. I think it's a great combination. I think the floor tile plays beautifully with the vanity. I agree with cpartist-it's nice to see some color!

  • Donna B

    thanks for your input cpartist! I can do the shower floor with the green penny tile and I can add some in the niche where the shampoo bottles will go. The only thing I'm not 100% on is the white herringbone, it's very boring, but I know I need white. I really like this too (for shower wall) , but feel it may be too busy.

    I too am a bit tired of the gray and white ;)

  • AJCN

    I'm not a pro, but I wanted to say that your green choices are so pretty. The combo of green, brushed brass, and white is very soothing. We remodeled our master and used muted green, concrete-looking light gray, white, and some stained clear alder and it feels very calm and natural in there, very soothing. I never want to move! I agree with Cpartist to not run the penny tile up in a vertical strip because it might detract from the otherwise soothing elements you have chosen.

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  • aprilneverends

    I was about to suggest cement tiles, but I see you already got very helpful suggestions.

    The color scheme is beautiful

    My only worry would be polished tiles in the shower..yes I know they're small and lots of grout but if they're raised a bit(are they? or it just seems to me from the picture? ) your feet wouldn't really touch that grout and will just slide. And even if they're not raised I'd still worry. Cement tiles are slippery but at least they're on the main shower one needs to take even more precautions. Do they have them in matte?

    I wouldn't overdo the walls if you decide to have cement decos on the floor, and green shower tiles..I think it will take away from the beauty of the scheme, rather than add to it. I might even forego herringbone. It will a be very pretty space and one can always add art and plants and useful yet pretty holders etc to enhance the space and personalize it even more.

  • NewEnglandgal

    Beautiful choices Donna,love, love, love it. Your bathroom will be beautiful!

  • Laura

    Love the colors! My suggestion is to loose the small herringbone and think about using a larger white tile and lay it in a herringbone pattern. Along with that thought, think about a light green grout color (Mapei makes one called Mint) to show off the pattern but not too drastically. Also white grout is very difficult to keep white unless you use an epoxy grout. That and why use a blending grout with a pattern like a herringbone that will not show off the pattern?

  • cpartist

    I wouldn't mix another pattern like the hex for the shower walls. It will be too busy. Honestly, the stars are your vanity and your bathroom floor. I would choose a pretty white tile in a simple pattern (square or rectangle) and then if you feel the need to add some color into the niche, I'd actually do the floor tile in the back of the niche only. That would tie it all together.

  • Donna B

    thank you all for your suggestions! I think I'm sold on this color scheme. I LOVE the idea of using a green grout, thanks Laura! And aprilneverends, I used a polished tile in my kids bathroom and put an anti-slip formula over it and it works great. My only two uncertainties are 1) whether I should use a plain subway tile or the herringbone in the shower wall and 2) should I have a green strip of pebble tile going up the shower wall, or keep it in the niche OR put the decorative floor tile in the niche as cpartist suggested. I have been trying to avoid subway tile as it is boring and plain but as someone mentioned boring=classic. Here are two comparisons, one with the herringbone tile and the other with the subway tile:



  • aprilneverends


    a) then try anti-slip on a sample first-in my experience it does work but does dull the color somewhat. If the tile is white doesn't matter, but maybe does matter with green? Make sure you have the same color after applying anti-slip-unless of course you checked it all already

    b) I'd go for subway. As for deco..Niche might be too small to fit the pattern of cement ..they're usually eight by eight with few exceptions. If you use it-make sure your niche is big enough to support the design or else might get lost

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  • katinparadise

    Are you looking at 3x6 subway? You could always change it up to 4x8 or even larger. Fewer grout lines make for easier cleaning and also make it less busy.

    I would stick with the green penny tile in the back of the niche and skip the strip of it in the shower. Don't forget that you're going to want bullnose tile for the edges of the niche or Schluter strip to finish the edges.

    I have 2x2 shinier tiles on my shower floor and slipping is not an issue. The pennies are even smaller and I think you'll have plenty of grout to avoid an issue.

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  • cpartist

    1) whether I should use a plain subway tile or the herringbone in the shower wall and

    Either will work fine. Whatever you prefer.

    2) should I have a green strip of pebble tile going up the shower wall,

    NO!!! It doesn't work with everything else and it's too contemporary with your other elements.

    or keep it in the niche

    I wouldn't as it's a strong statement and will look like a green square/rectangle in a wall of white. The reason I suggested the floor is because it also pulls in the other colors including the white.

    OR put the decorative floor tile in the niche as cpartist suggested.

    It's what I'd do or just stick with whatever you decide with #1. The shower doesn't need to be a focal point.

  • Donna B

    Thank you all for your suggestions! I think I'll go with subway tile in 8x4 for less grout and not do a green strip. Not 100% sure on the niche yet but I will post a photo when I'm done :)

  • eveuchan

    I would match the lightest color of your floor tiles for the walls. Can’t wait to see it completed!

  • njmomma


    Such pretty colors, nice change!

  • chispa

    As far as the black hardware on the vanity, you can use some rub n buff in a brass color to give it more of a gold-ish tone. Since it will be a guest bath the rub n buff should hold up well.

  • Donna B

    eveuchan one of the downsides to buying tile online is not seeing it in person, but I've read in reviews the floor tile is actually white not off white, though I should order a sample to be sure. Thanks njmomma! My previous house was very contemporary so this style is a little out of my comfort zone but it feels right. chispa I've never hear of rub n buff, what a cool product, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Gcubed


  • felizlady

    Those green penny-rounds are perfect! And the Moroccan-style patterned tiles would be gorgeous with the penny-rounds. I like them so much I am taking a screen shot of your choices for a future project. Beau-ti-ful.

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  • PRO
    Donna B thanked BeverlyFLADeziner
  • tartanmeup

    Beautiful choices! Love these colours. How far along the build are you? Do you welcome feedback on anything non-colour related?

  • Kate

    I prefer the subway or square to the herringbone pattern. I think you have enough going on.

  • Donna B

    BeverlyFLADeziner I love those! They have them at my local floor&decor . Do you think gold would be better than green though? tartanmeup I'm redoing the whole first floor and it's already demo'd and being painted, but with inspections and all of the other things I'm doing, i would say 2 months out. and I'm totally open to all feedback! It's so much easier to make decisions with other's input. Kate I was looking at square white tiles, but since the floor is square already I thought rectangular would have been better. Unless you guys think square white tiles would be better?

  • tartanmeup

    Since you're open to feedback, my two cents: vanity lights above a mirror as in your mood board are not flattering. Lights on either side of the mirror are more flattering. You mention a niche. Have you considered a ledge instead? I have neither but have been planning an ensuite redo for a while now and was never sold on niches. Read a recent Houzz article saying that ledges were gaining popularity and they make more sense to me, maintenance wise. Design-wise, you lose a bit of space with a ledge. Anyway, thought I'd mention it in case you're still at the shower design stage. Good luck with everything! Hope you'll share pics. :)

  • Donna B

    tartanmeup since you mentioned the vanity lights on the side, I had my electrician put in holes on each side of the plumbing but the space ended up not being enough since one of the light holes was hitting up right against a wall so now I'm waiting for him to come and move the wiring up so it's above the mirror, but originally that was my ideal placement, it didn't work out sadly. This bathroom shower is very small so adding a ledge would take away a lot of space, but I do like the idea. I will definitely share pix! Here are pix of how it looks right now. pic 1) The stud on the left is where the door casing will go. pic 2) my attempt at having vanity lights on either side of the mirror

  • Tina


  • gra8fulgal

    Absolutely love the combination of colors and materials you've put together. Very much looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in real life.

    Just curious, how did you assemble the image of all the various pieces put together to see how they coordinated together?

  • skunst2017

    I would go with white subway tiles . , !

  • Mary Beth

    Following I love your color scheme especially the vanity! Can’t wait to see it completed!

  • Donna B

    gra8fulgal I'm using Microsoft Publisher, I just copy and paste all the pics I like from various websites. skunst2017 Mary Beth thank you guys for your feedback! I just received the vanity yesterday and it's really pretty in person.

  • Mary Beth

    Would you mind sharing where you got your vanity?

  • R M

    Please share after pics. This will be beautiful !! One comment...the shower area is small, have the niche disappear by doing it the same as shower wall. Also....
    would you share the wall color you chose.

  • Donna B

    Mary Beth I got it at homedepot , it's called Dinsmore Vanity in gilded green, I got the 38", it was $899 but I got it on sale for $539. I went around my local stores but the vanities I liked were all over $1k and I love a good deal. Here is a link to vanity . The mirror is also on sale, I got it for $118. I'm surprised with the quality! It's gorgeous in person and definitely does not look cheap. I'm also redoing the kitchen so a penny saved is a penny earned. R M yes, that's a great idea, I'm going to nix the decorative strip and just keep the green penny tile on the shower floor. The paint I got is Atlantis Pearl by Behr link to paint , I put in recessed lights so the paint looks much lighter in the bathroom.

  • Mary Beth

    Thank you for the information. I love your choices and can’t wait to see it when it’s finished !

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