A late FFO a couple of repeats

Julia NY
August 15, 2019
last modified: August 15, 2019

We had a brief rain shower this morning but forecast calls for a storm late this afternoon. It was 60F this morning but has quickly heated up. Yesterday I started power washing the siding on our house with this product that you attach to your garden hose. I think I was power washed more than the house trying to work the dang thing and what a mess on the screens and windows.

Finally, ROUEN CATHEDRAL has started to bloom today. I've not had a problem with it opening on cool mornings. It did get rained on but held up okay.

One of my favorites which always puts a smile on my face is EVIDENCE OF ALIENS. It looks like it is in a wind tunnel. I plan to move it soon. This was taken 2 days ago.

This was taken this morning with rain drops on it.Sorry for the dead bloom in the pic.

KENTUCY LUCKY out did itself this season. Pic taken 2 days ago. I guess Isle of Patmos and Count It All Joy decided to get in on the photo as well.

FLYING TRAPEZE went very pale 2 days ago which is unusual to see here.The blooms do a nice cascade and never top heavy in buds.

CORAL MAJORITY - has been blooming but the first set of blooms would not open properly. I plan to move it out of its spot. Has a lot of scapes but not many buds per scape.

The Unknown seedling took on a more pinkish tone 2 days ago. I've seen this happen before but not sure why it happens.

And of course, I have to post TAHITI SWEETIE who is still going strong. Rambunctious Rosie is in the background. Pic taken 2 days ago.

HIGH WATERMARK is nearing the end to its bloom cycle. Pic taken 2 days ago.

That is it for today. Piedmont Paleface still has not opened. Maybe tomorrow. Hubby is scheduled for surgery next month so our children will be coming here in a couple of weeks to visit us and help me with some chores that I need help with. Maybe I can get one of them to do the power washing lol.


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