Kitchen Renovation Dilemma! Need design advice

August 18, 2019

I am planning on renovating my small kitchen and I need lots of design advice. We are replacing the cabinets, floor, countertop, sink, dishwasher, light and backsplash. From the pictures posted of my kitchen you can see the wall with the tiny pass through and the key hooks - we are knocking down that wall to open up the kitchen. We are adding a cabinet under the Africa art to make up for he cabinets we are loosing from knocking down the wall. I want to possibly extend the counter to add a barstool or two. I am stuck on colors of cabinets, floor and paint color. I have no clue what backsplash to use. I need lots of help! I wanted to do a two tone kitchen, but the cabinet with the fridge/stove only has one lower cabinet so I think that might look bizarre. I designed the kitchen on IKEA and might use Semihandmade doors. I have posted some pictures from the IKEA design tool for reference. We have a tight budget so custom cabinets are out of the question. The kitchen doesn't get much light, but hopefully once we knock down the wall it will be a bit brighter. White floors are out of the question!! I have white floors now and I hate them. The wall that has the chalkboard paint on it cannot be knocked down because it has a vent. That wall will have to be painted or have the backsplash or ....? I would welcome color suggestions and any advice or pictures of kitchens you think I could replicate. Thanks so much!

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