Need help addressing an old sink bumpout in a mini renovation. Help!

August 20, 2019

Hi. We are doing a mini renovation on our kitchen. Essentially, cabinets painted, new backsplash, and new farmhouse double sink and countertops.

Our existing kitchen has one of those angled, fluted sink bumpouts. We plan to add a large double farmhouse sink. We are hiring a contractor to alter the existing cabinet (before the painters come) to accommodate the sink. We would like to see if we can move the cabinet back to eliminate the bumpout and the fluted trim. We are not sure it can be done.

Please give me any thoughts or ideas that you are willing to share. Any lessons learned, etc. Even if the contractor can move the cabinet back, we will need to address the sizeable gaps on either side. We really don’t know how to make that more seamless and less of a focal point.

If the bumpout has to stay, how horrible and dated is it going to look? Are there any ideas on how to address if we are stuck with it?

Any help is so appreciated.

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