Water in the 1st floor during 2nd floor addition

Rebecca Lou
August 21, 2019

This is my very first question, so thank you in advance for your advice.

We are working with a design and build company in new England area for a 2nd floor addition project. We have a toddler and a new born, so we thought a big design and build company might make it easier for the project. The project is in the framing stage.

I understand that home addition is a very stressful process, but this turned out to be worse than I thought. We have had water leaking into the unreconstructed 1st floor every time after the rain. The water gushes through ceiling joints and the window frame, ended up on the wooden floor, dry wall and linens.

As a home owner who has dealt with water problem before, I totally panicked.

Our project manager seemed to be very casual about this and only suggested to bring a dehumidifier.

My question is will there be any damage to the ceiling/drywall/floor that is beyond what the dehumidifier can do? And is it common to have so much water problem during addition in areas that are not worked on in your experience? Maybe I am being too panicky.

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