Updating ugly vases to the 21st century. Cement? Plaster? Moss? Decoup

August 22, 2019

I have a number of ugly vases like this that I want to update. They are all either white or green, and none is perfectly smooth. Most of them have an embossed pattern.

Places like Pottery Barn, Terrain, and Crate and Barrel all have rustic looking vases and I can't help but think I could make these into something from this century. My ideas are cement, Plaster, Moss and decoupage, but I do not know any of them will work &/or look good. How to color them or how to make them waterproof-ish. Any ideas for me?

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  • jtc

    I have had good luck with spay paint specifically for such items. IIRC I used Temclad and found the coverage much better than bargain brands,

  • Limequilla

    Thanks! You are in Canada? We don't have spray tremclad here in Indiana, maybe in the entire US, not sure, but we *do* have expensive spray paint, say $9.99 or 7.99 a can vs $3.99 a can. I went to two hardware stores plus Michael's and got a selection of colors of expensive spray paints. Did some tests. Hate all the colors. And all the "sameness" of them, if that makes sense. i found some You Tube videos using concrete and a blog post where you slap Quikrete concrete on a glass vessel and smooth it out. It looked terrible, and then I rolled it on the expanded metal table I was using, and it turned out much better! (If you like dark dull gray with lighter colored diamonds.) It won't hold up because I was using a non-rigid plastic test vessel, and maybe wouldn't hold up even if I had used a glass one, but here is what it looked like. Next I'm going to try to pour cement between two sandwiched bottles....the interior one is glass and stays put, the outer one has to be cut away with a box cutter.

    All this, but these stupid pedestal glass vases are still their original look, LOL!

  • jtc

    My mistake, it was Rustoleum from Home Depot. Lots of finishes and textures available. Yours looks lovely.

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