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bpath Oh Sophie
August 23, 2019

Do you think Hoda and Jenna will ever be together again on Hoda and Jenna? It just seems like unfortunate timing might keep the show from keeping any momentum it might have been building. I do like Willie Geist, though.

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  • eileenc

    Hoda is returning the day after Labor Day, although Jenna will probably be out on maternity leave 3-4 months.

  • dedtired

    I rarely watch daytime tv. However, I’ve always liked Hoda, although I don’t watch this show. Jenna not so much and Kathy Lee was unbearable.

  • eld6161

    So funny. I don't really watch these show either, but keep up with "gossip" with my People magazine or AOL newsfeed.

    I got used to Kathy Lee. I guess I like the idea that she is my age.

  • sushipup1

    Ha! I read People Magazine when waiting for my husband at his doctor's office, or getting my hair cut. I'd say I don't know who 90% of those people are. I do recall Jenna Bush from the days when she and her sister were wild college students, briefly.

  • maddielee

    I like Jenna more now then I did when her father was President, (I like him more now that he is not President.)

    Have watched the Today Show since I was a toddler. (I miss Matt and Katey, but Matt now disgusts me.)

    My dream Today Show panel would be Hoda, Willie, Savannah and Don Lemon. Craig Melvin is great on his msnbc show. IT seems he is having a problem warming up to his audience on the Today Show.

    edited. Because my phone takes control.

  • LynnNM

    I have liked and admired Hoda for many years. Kathy Lee, not so much. I've enjoyed her with Jenna, but I always seem to be in the middle of morning chores or gardening when they come on. Darn it! I've read her great autobiography and really enjoyed it. I'm looking look forward to a next one about life with Joel and her two darling little daughters.

  • Oakley

    Have you all seen Kathy Lee's new commercial where she sings? Oy. I'd watch the fourth hour if it wasn't for The View when it's live. I like Hoda and Jenna, and I think Jenna has come into her own.

  • dedtired

    Remember when Kathy Lee was the singer in Name That Tune? This was pre Frank Gifford and when Toni Tennile bowl cuts were in style. Kathy Lee the song girl

  • IdaClaire

    That hair! She looks like a mushroom!

  • pudgeder

    Like dedtired, I found Kathy Lee unbearable as well.

    Jenna, she's not even growing on me.

    But Hoda... I do like her!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I liked Kathy Lee, I like Hoda, I like Jenna. But, I got the impression that Hoda felt like she needed to carry Jenna. Jenna needs to grow into her role. Willie? He's my guy.

    But please, anything to avoid Natalie. She is not my cup of tea.

    eta, Craig is also my guy. I think he's doing great.

    But, can we stop with all the women going to the same golden hair color? Yikes.

  • Oakley

    I used to watch Name That Tune all the time! You know, it's a show they could bring back and be successful, sans Kathy Lee.

    Natalie doesn't do anything for me either. I find Jenna to be completely down to earth in a good bubbly type way. And she's my beloved Barbara's granddaughter, I must have her back. lol It could be a generational thing with Hoda and Jenna not being close in age.

  • ratherbesewing

    Morning news and the endless banter. Ugh. They act like high schoolers. The line between news and entertainment is very blurry. I just read that Laura Spencer (ABC morning show) made some comments about the young Prince William taking a ballet class. Maybe I am the only one who doesn't want to hear morning news people's opinions ?

  • tinam61

    Now that I don't work, I don't often turn on the tv in the mornings. I used to watch the Today Show as I would get ready in the mornings and catch our local morning news also. I usually turn on Sunday's Today Show. I love Willie. Hoda and Jenna are just "meh" in my opinion. I have nothing against them but I can take them or leave them. I do like Craig (he has beautiful eyes!). Kathy Lee I could not deal with. I agree with someone else about "daytime tv". What is daytime tv, soaps, game shows and talk shows. UGH. Endless banter is right rather be sewing!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    One thing I like about that 4th hour segment is that it is only 2 people. The earlier shows, whether Today or GMA, are like a cocktail party with 5-6 people talking over each other trying to get in their smart comebacks, so we end up not being able to hear any of them. Our CBS reception is unpredictable so we are not in the habit of watching it. )

  • IdaClaire

    Re the mention above of morning news: There is little in the way of "morning news" anymore. I tune in to see weather and traffic but can't stand the rest of the drivel. Even our local "news"casters take it upon themselves to interject their opinions and political ideologies into stories, which disgusts me. One in particular recently made a needless condescending comment about the homeless, and that's when I emailed the station to complain. I pretty much said the guy is unprofessional and basically an opinionated jerk, and the man himself replied to me saying he was "sorry if I was offended, but... " and went on to sing his own praises about how much money he gives to charity. What a tool.

    But I digress. Back to the point ... there IS no such thing as professional news reporting in this day and age. It's all sensational scaremongering or banal fluff.

  • LynnNM

    I totally agree, Ida!!!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Ida, you are so right. But Hoda and Jenna is the entertainment show. The best news now to watch is from international sources. One news reader, who does not editorialize.

  • Oakley

    I stopped watching local news a long time ago. Murder, fires, robberies etc. No thank you. I was a huge Today fan but they changed. Hoda and Jenna aren't news, more like a talk show.

    I love GMA and they don't talk over each other at all. The first twenty minutes is pure news.

  • ratherbesewing

    Isn't Laura Spencer on GMA? She recently got into trouble with her on air comments about young Prince William taking a ballet class in school. Seems more entertainment than news to me.

  • runninginplace

    I somehow never got into tv in the morning, in fact I have a vaguely guilty feeling if I turn on the tv before the evening news hour.

    Mornings I cannot handle having a tv burbling at me; sort of like showing up at a cocktail lounge at 7 am--too much stimulation and distraction that early. And daytime tv just feels like a total waste of time, I've never particularly cared to listen to talk shows, cooking shows usually bore me etc. I stay away from news channels in general other than when something specific happens, it's too aggravating and depressing these days and I've never cared for tv as background noise, I only turn on a tv when I am specifically planning to watch something on it.

    Now that I'm retired though I'm finding myself getting tugged into daytime tv because first I reallyreallyreally wanted to finish watching Orange is the New Black which was my gateway drug to wanting to catch up on the last season of Veep which triggered me noticing that The Americans is available and I've really wanted to start that...I hope day drinking isn't next LOL.

  • Oakley

    Lara Spencer does a small segment on pop culture at the bottom of the hour, and not every day either. At the top of both hours is all news. The bottom of each hour they do human interest stories & entertainment stories, like the new cast of DWTS which I don't watch. Morning shows are a little bit of everything, but all major news is at the top of the hour unless something major happened.

    Running, I'll never give up The Young and the Restless. lol. If I have the TV on all day for "company" it stays on MSNBC or CNN.

  • IdaClaire

    Spencer's comment was about Prince George, just to clarify. I wondered why she'd be dredging up something William did as a child. ;)

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I switched Over to GMA a few years ago, enjoyed the dynamic until they started talking over each other too much. I switched back to Today, which is starting to bug me. DH and I wager how many people they will have sitting around the glass table, and how many will have their backs to the camera, and we track how many women have the exact same hair color.

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