Ladies, how do you wear your cologne/perfume?

August 23, 2019

For those of you who do like to wear a scent, where do you put it on your body? I actually looked it up this morning and discovered a few interesting tips.

I buy a new bottle of cologne/perfume about once a year and have yet to find my signature scent, until my big shipment from Jo Malone came today which was a bday gift from DH. :) One of those will be my scent, they're lovely! Also, Jo Malone scents can be sprayed on top of another.

Here's the thing, I want people to notice my perfume (not doctor's offices) when they stand close to me and I don't want it to be overwhelming which would make people cough. Jo Malone scents don't do that, thankfully. When I walk by someone I want a subtle scent left behind.

Again, this is only for those of us who enjoy perfume.

Here at home I sprayed it on both wrists, behind the ears, chest and on my calf. And it's not overwhelming at all. I want to be able to smell my cologne, and I read putting it on the calf makes the scent flow up to the nose.

I read if you have oily skin to spray directly on the skin, but if you have dry skin to either put a dab of vaseline on first, or unscented lotion. Both will hold the scent longer.

So how do you wear your cologne/perfume, and if you have a signature scent, what is it?

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I wear scent on top of unscented Cetaphil lotion. I put it on my wrists, cleavage and behind my knees, if I am bare legged. My scents are pretty light, Anais Anais, for example, and can only be noticed when someone comes very close to me, if then. A lot of my favorite scents have been redone and I don't like the new formulations at all. Joy was one of my favorites in the winter and it is no longer the same.

  • morz8

    I've slowly gotten out of the daily habit. I do still have an ample supply of my long time favorite, Boucheron Jaipur Saphir, now discontinued. I keep a bottle of Armani Code, but seldom wear either. I'm outdoors, a lot - and I don't want to attract bugs or bitey things.

    Admittedly, Boucheron discontinuing had much to do with me cutting back, but I had gotten so I'd wear perfume in winter, or summer on the ocean where there are no bugs.

    Now, it's more just very occasionally on more formal occasions.

    I typically apply to my inner wrists, run my wrists along my neck and through my hair. Just a bit. Neither of my scents are particularly light fragrances.

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  • Sueb20

    Wow, I don't think I'm applying enough perfume! I do one spray on one wrist, then rub that wrist onto the other wrist. I am afraid of being too perfumey.

    I looove Jo Malone. I have about 5 bottles of different scents. My all time favorite is Wild Fig & Cassis.

  • maddielee

    I read somewhere that you should put it in your naval. I now rarely wear fragrance of any kind. I do walk through a mist of L'Air du Temps, by Nina Richie when I am doing adult things, like putting on shoes and more clothes then shorts And a tee shirt.

  • arcy_gw

    I wonder if the calf thing works. I was told one should apply where one perspires. The heat generated by your body will send out a scent that is applied. Behind your knees makes more sense to me. I think it is more the norm to be over whelmed by the scent other people think is their signature and everyone LOVES it as much as they do. Personally I DON'T. I have always preferred florals. I discovered Diane V.s. Tatiana while in college. So must have others. It went from affordable to out of my range with in five years. ;(

  • girlnamedgalez8a

    I am very wary of using any. I cannot stand to be overwhelmed by someone's scent. If & when I use it I put one very slight spritz on my hair. I do not know if it can even be detected after a minute or so.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I love perfume and buy it often, swap and participate on fragrance boards. Today I am wearing Elie Saab #2 gardenia. I never overspray although I wear perfume all the time but usually only enough for me to smell.

  • Fun2BHere

    I don't want to start a debate and I'm not saying this to hurt anyone's feelings, but if you can smell the scent on yourself without trying, i.e., sniffing your skin, after the first minute, your scent probably will be uncomfortably strong to those who are sensitive to scent. Please enjoy your perfume in your home, but lighten up on the application when you are in public.

  • arkansas girl

    I spray one spritz on my inner arm and rub it on the other arm. Any more and it's too strong for me.

  • Oakley

    Lynn, I can have a severe asthma attack from heavy perfumes. I refuse to walk by cosmetic counters and try to avoid the aisle with Tide, etc, at the store. That's why I only wear a light floral.

    Zalco, I've never had the opportunity to smell Joy. Isn't that an old perfume? I wonder why they changed it?

    Morz & Sue, apparently a big no no is to rub your wrists after you put the scent on. I always did the same as you, but I read this morning it ruins the top scent and the cologne won't last as long. So stop doing it! lol

    Fun, right now I smell like a country garden and I love it, however, DH can't smell me & he's two feet away. It's only when someone is physically close to me is when the scent is noticeable. Putting perfume behind your knees makes the scent go up to the wearer's nose, not to someone else's. I'm wearing four scents right now and it's ever so subtle.

    As I said above, I have asthma and I'd know if the scent was too strong. Floral's are so light anyway, it's the night time colognes that do me in. They are strong!

    And Morz, last week I was chased by a yellow jacket because I was wearing a hot pink tee shirt!

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Oakley, Joy by Patou, a rose scent, was indeed a very old perfume. I am 51 and it was considered an old lady scent when I started wearing it at 20. I only wore it in winter and people who noticed it and asked about it were always surprised to hear it was Joy because they associated it with grannies.

  • Andie

    On the rare occasion I wear a scent (essential oil) it's one tiny dab between my breasts. That's it.

  • Moxie

    I have to be careful because so many scents react badly with my body chemistry. Many fragrances (Joy and Jicky are examples) just smell like soap on me. In the early 1970's I spritzed a cologne, no longer made, on my wrist. It was fine on the little test paper, but it stank on me. It got worse and worse, worse than the worst body odor I have ever had. It wouldn't wash off! I tried everything with no luck. took a couple of days to go away! I dislike most modern fragrances because I can smell the underlying synthetic components. That started in the late 80's or early 90's.

    I wear another "old lady scent" - L'Heure Bleue parfum by Guerlain. I just touch the stopper on the pulse point behind an ear. When I can't smell it, I switch to Fantasia de Fleurs by Creed. I spritz the air in the bathroom once and walk through it. A spritz directly on me smells like I bathed in it!

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I find the best place to spray for only me to enjoy is the base of my throat.

  • 3katz4me

    Rarely wear it as I worked in a clinical environment early in my career and it was a no-no. Then after that I was too often overwhelmed by others' fragrance so didn't want to do that to others. Some years ago DH commented how he liked a friend's fragrance - pretty much completely out of character for him to notice something like that. I asked her what it was (can't recall off the top of my head) and got some. I wear it if I think of it when I'm fresh out of the shower and going out somewhere. I just put a small amount on my wrists and then touch them to each side of my neck. I only notice it when I apply it and DH notices it usually by the time we get in the car. Hopefully no one else is overwhelmed by it after that.

  • morz8

    Oakley, pink is not my best color but I do have a hot pink gardening top. I haven't noticed being chased by bees, but the hummingbirds love me in that shirt. If I happen to have it on when we are eating dinner at the breakfast table windows as we often do, DH will ask me to change. The hummingbirds will come up to the glass and look in the window while we eat, he is afraid they will hurt themselves against the glass.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    I like Demeter fragrances. They are made from natural essences and are very light - not perfume, more like eau de colognes, and they make a roll-on oil.

    I only put them on occasionally, not daily. I have Christmas Tree spray cologne and Grass scented oil. Both fragrances make me feel happy.

    I put oil on my pulse points and cleavage and smooth a bit into my hair. I spray my wrists and chest/throat, sometimes my clothes, and sometimes I spritz a little bit on my hair.

  • sableincal

    I am astonished at some of the things I'm reading here. When I was a young woman (who can even remember that long ago?) Joy was considered the "best" and most expensive perfume bar none, definitely not an old ladies', how I hate that term, scent. If there wasn't an admirer around to give you a bottle, you saved up to treat yourself. L'Heure Bleue, also not IMO for "old ladies", is sultry and heavy, and you wore it to attract men with its mystery. Sometimes I would put a drop of it on a light bulb in the evening. I think that I was wearing L'Air du Temps at the time that I met my first DH.

    Now I almost never wear a scent, as most of them trigger broncospasms in me. A couple of years ago, though, DH gave me bottle of Ivanka as a joke. Surprisingly, I liked it! Sometimes I spritz it in the air and walk through the "cloud"; it's a light floral, quite nice. I still long for L'Heure Bleue, though!

  • Oakley

    Sable, I vividly remember Joy being very popular "back in the day" but for some reason I never got the chance to smell it.

    I too spritz a light bulb with cologne, usually in the bathroom. Walking through the mist is another tip I read on how to wear perfume.

    Last night I was at my son's house and we were on the porch with a good breeze. He was standing down wind from me a few feet away and I asked if he could smell my cologne. He sniffed a few times and said yes, and it's nice. I asked if it was too much so I don't make people cough and he said no. He would have told me if I was scent bombing him.

    This is a sweet story. About ten years ago I finally bought Chanel #5. I loved the smell but it was just awful on me. I never wore it again. One day when my SIL was visiting I asked if she wanted a new bottle of Chanel #5. When I gave it to her, completely full, she started bawling like a baby because it's her favorite perfume and she never could afford to buy it.

    Sable, don't tell anyone but I bought a bottle of a Jessica Simpson cologne. It's not too bad!

    A head's up. Never buy cologne from Amazon, there's a good chance it's fake. Even Amazon acknowledges it.

  • cindallas

    I usually didn't wear any perfume as it was too heavy, fake or synthetic smelling to me, plus it broke me out if I put it on my skin especially around my face or neck. And some was so strong that it stung my eyes, especially if I was wearing contacts. I never really had allergies per say but I think I was sensitive to so many ingredients in most perfumes.

    So I usually used scented body washes and shampoos and that became my scent. Very subtle. Mostly natural, herbal or citrus not floral or spicy. But I do wear it sparingly now since I've discovered Jo Malone. A simple perfume with not as many ingredients and I didn't have reactions to this brand like I did to most perfumes. But I usually will spritz it lightly on my clothing like the insides of a jacket and not directly on my skin. My favorite before it was discontinued was Jo Malone Verbenas of Provence with a light citrus earthly scent. And I would occasionally add layering with the Blackberry and Bay, Redcurrent and Cream, Pomegranate Noir, Sorrel and Lemon Thyme or Blue Agave and Cacao. Gosh I guess I really like the fruity ones! Now my favorite is the Wood Sage and Sea Salt and I'll use it alone or layer with one of my other ones for a mood or color or temperature preference.

    I remember when Joy perfume was THE perfume and my mother, grandmother and my older sister used it. Classic like a classic Channel suit or good pair of black pumps or the 'little black dress'. It was not associated with age at all then but of classic good taste and sophistication. I felt all grown up when my mother gave me a small bottle of the real perfume (not cologne) when I was 16. I felt special when I used it but wanted something else that felt more like me since this smelled just like it was in the bottle. I then found Cabochard by Gres when I went on a trip to Paris in my late teens, in the glass bottle with the grey velvet ribbon. It was more subtle than Joy but still on the stronger sultry side which is why you it wear I guess. Back then anyway. I guess perfumes have really been more of a progressive timeline for me. I haven't thought of those early ones for years. I still have both bottles by the way and they bring up very fond memories of family and my beginning of being a young adult. I can open the tops to smell them and they take me back.

    But for most days now, it's the much lighter scents of Jo Malone.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    On Fragrantica, if you type old lady, something else will automatically show up. Bank of England, I believe. Or may be something funny like an emoji bouquet of roses. The term old lady is offensive to many fragranticians.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Just to be perfectly clear, I never considered Joy an old lady scent. My mother wore it in the winter and I was thrilled when she said I was old enough to wear it too (l'Air du Temps was the first perfume girls received in my family). The old lady moniker came from other people who were invariably surprised to hear that's what I was wearing. My best friend at the time called it a nursing home perfume. I could not have cared less what she, or anyone else thought. The heavy rise scent if Joy was, well, joy for me. As for the term old lady used pejoratively, I apologize for using it.

  • daisychain01

    My work is suppose to be a scent free environment, but it's an ages 2- grade 12 school, so just try getting 500 kids to not wear anything scented. I use Chanel and they have my scent in a hair mist. It is very subtle (probably disappears immediately and a waste of money), but still makes me feel good to put it on.

  • Rory

    Jonathan, from Queer Eye, tells you how to apply perfume. Love, love, love this show.

    Spray, stay, walk-away.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    FWIW, when we were kids, my mom had a bottle of Chanel No.5 for special occasions. For everyday occasions it was Muguet Du Bois (lily of the valley - I still love it) and 4711, but she's never been a big perfume fan. I think she had that same bottle of No. 5 for many, many years.

    I am not big fan of perfume either, or Jo Malone, unfortunately. I've never been happy with the scent of Jo Malone after the top notes fade away, tho they always smell very nice to begin with.

    Hubby also likes 4711 cologne, and he often receives a bottle as a gift, which I use sometimes as well.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I have been wearing my scent - Sung, by Alfred Sung - for about 30 years. It is an eau de toilette so pretty light to begin with. I use it almost daily, just a spritz or two at the base of my neck and on my chest after my bath. I cannot smell it on me at all although I sometimes detect a faint whiff on my tops when I change clothes. I get a lot of compliments on it though so I hope I am not using too much! Usually something like "that's a lovely frgrance" or 'you smell good" :-) I also have body lotion as well but reserve that for dressier, evening occasions as I think it is heavier and maybe stronger than the eau de toilette.

    Scents evoke a lot of memories for me and both Joy and Chanel #5 remind me of my mom. They were her faves and she used them liberally and every time I smell them I get mom flashbacks :-) I have an old karakul fur cape of hers (older than I am!!) that still has a faint scent of Chanel #5 more than 40 years since she last wore it!

  • IdaClaire

    I don't go in for a lot of perfume. Right now I have a bottle of Gucci Bloom that I wear infrequently. I prefer scented body lotion following my shower and have been wearing a light almond scent by Carol's Daughter that is sweet but not cloying and has staying power. I can't stand being hit in the face with someone else's strong scent. I can't smell lotion on myself unless I remove clothing (as at day's end), but applying it in the morning is a pleasant part of my routine.

  • deeinohio

    Years ago, when I was young myself, I rode public transportation to work, and became friends with an older woman (who was younger then than I am now), and she wore this rose perfume that, to this day, I can smell in my mind, and it still elicits mild nausea. It permeated the entire bus. I learned then the reason why older women wear overwhelming scent is because they put it on until THEY can smell it. Since our olfactory receptors decrease with age, that amount is generally too much for younger people. I never wanted to offend so, when I wear scent, I put it on more liberally at night, after my shower, then only walk through a mist sprayed in the air the next morning.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    Zalco, no need to apologize, it's certainly not a term that bothers me and we all know what it means and have encountered it!

    Fragrance is highly subjective and one persons favorite is another's abomination.

  • tartanmeup

    I used to put it on the back of my knees and spray the side of my waist. I loved all types of scents (does anyone remember Fracas? That was a heady one I wouldn't apply liberally at all. Just a drop on my neck) but had to ditch everything in the last couple of years because scent now makes a family member sick. We've since become a fragrance-free household. I'm sure part of the reason so many people are now allergic to fragrance is because so many companies have changed their formulas to synthetic ones.

  • nutsaboutplants

    My husband keeps buying me perfumes, nice ones, so I try to wear it regularly. One spritz in the general area of my neck or sometimes one spritz into my hair.

  • maire_cate

    Many years ago we were vacationing in the Bahamas and DH gifted me with a bottle of Joy Parfum and body powder. What a lovely surprise and I still treasure the bottle and keep it on my counter. Surprisingly the color hasn't changed over the years. I think I used it about a dozen times, sparingly of course. I'm just not a fragrance woman and avoid scents everywhere I can - unscented hair spray, body lotion, soaps, detergent. I know unscented doesn't mean an item has no smell, it just means that they haven't added additional chemicals.

    Every now and then I'll catch a light fragrance on someone and think how nice that is but I've never been tempted to duplicate it on myself. I think I've figured out it's because while there are some that I might enjoy I don't want to smell it all day.

    I do cherish my little bottle and all that it reminds me of.

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I used to, but got out of the habit. Very, very few women I know wear a scent nowadays. I think it's out of fashion here where I live.

    The last scent I used was Liz, but eventually I guess it was too 'heavy' a scent for me. So I just stopped. I can't stand to even go into a Bath and Body Works store now. Auuuggghhh. Too smelly.

    This reminds me of the Evening in Paris that my mother wore, only on special occasions. I'd like to have an empty blue bottle, just to display on my dresser, as a reminder of her.

  • maire_cate

    Oh Littlebug - that brought back so many memories. When I was a child I used to go to my local Murphy's and buy my mother a bottle of Evening in Paris for Christmas. I think I liked the blue bottle because when I got a little older I bought Noxema for myself. I even saved one of the blue bottles and store my extra buttons in it.

  • Feathers11

    I use a diffuser in winter and have an assortment of essential oils that are subtle, in lieu of candles (which I deplore). Those oils are also what I dab on my pulse points for body scent. Woodsy in fall, citrus after the holidays (because I like the pick-me-up in winter). In summer, I'll use a rose oil or my favorite ginger citrus.

    A few months ago, I visited a store and discovered this:

    Something about it caught my attention and my sister, who was with me, gifted the oil to me for my birthday. It's the first manufactured scent I've used in a long time, and I'm still on the fence, to be honest. It may be my fall scent as it's very earthy.

    My father is in a skilled nursing facility now, and when I visit and interact with the women residents, I absolutely love it if they're wearing a heavy perfume. Love it. In that environment, I see it as something special they do for themselves, even if the scent knocks me out!

  • jojoco

    I wear Channel "Chance", but I use the term "wear" lightly as I don't think I have worn it in almost a year. Maybe I'll bring it to the wedding next weekend in Boston. I'm always worried that someone will have a bad reaction to a scent I am wearing. I put it on like SueB.

  • nini804

    Right now I am hooked on Tory Burch’s Just Like Heaven. I have a bottle on my vanity and a rollerball in my purse. To me, it smells like “shopping!” Seriously, it has that smell of a high end boutique. Very light and fresh... I just put a bit on my wrists.

    I loathe heavy, perfumy smells. My Nana used to wear Estee Lauder “Youthdew” which is just sooo heavy & old-smelling! Even though I loved my Nana, did not love that perfume, lol!

  • yeonassky

    I dab my perfumes under my blouse in the middle of my chest. I spray a piece of cloth lace and that I keep in my purse as well. That way I can smell the fragrance during the day and not offend anyone.

    My sister who is very disabled can not tolerate scents so I don't wear any when I see her.

    The only time my perfume might be smellable by other people is when I go to a nightclub. I still smell lots of women's perfume at nightclubs. Come to think of it I haven't been to a nightclub for a while and am due for a night of dancing :-)

  • Feathers11

    Tell us more about this nightclub, Yeonassky...

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Ah yes, Evening in Paris. I remember when my Dad bought it for me when I was a little girl and just *loved* the bottle. I still have a thing of talcum powder which I don't use, but just to have. You can still get it if you're interested...

    Muguet des Bois by Coty! What a memory to recall. My grandmother loved the fragrance of lily of the valley and I used to buy it as a gift for her, and then I bought some for myself when I was a young gal. I just has one bottle for $175! I guess they stopped manufacturing it.

    When I was working, I wore a scent every day, but since retiring and not using them, I find all but the lightest seem to give me a headache. Chanel Cristalle is one I can still wear but use it very sparingly on my chest...used to love Halston, Ysatis de Givenchy, Estee by Estee Lauder and Givenchy III. But now it's just for special occasions.

    When in France, the Abbey was selling a lavender scent made from their own lavender which I bought and fell in love with. So I will wear that on special occasions as I don't see it available anywhere else. But I did find a lavender body spray on amazon which is very light and I use after I shower...chest, wrists, back of neck and small of my back. It just smells light and clean. I doubt anyone else can smell it, but I enjoy the fragrance when I put it on.

  • theclose

    I have been wearing the same two scents for about 13 years now. I have a spring/summer scent and a fall/winter scent. Both are from Bond No. 9. I use Hamptons in s/s and Chez Bond in f/w. Both are unisex scents, although I think Chez Bond is marketed at males. I don’t like fruity or floral sweet scents, which is probably why I gravitate towards male/unisex scents. Prior to Bond No. 9, I wore Creed, which is British- Imperial Millesime was my fave. Still love it but Bond lasts longer.

    As for application, I do one spritz, aimed at my neck, then gently tap my wrists on my neck and then slide my wrists on my clothing.

  • gracefullyaged

    Glad to see so many others wear L'Air du Temps. Everything else turns to stank on me due to my inherited body chemistry.

    Have been wearing it for 40 years now. Try other scents and a headache sets in immediately. DD is lucky... she can anything and still smells "clean."!

  • Oakley

    Cindallas, Wood Sage and Sea Salt was a sample given to me with my Jo Malone order. The other day my little 9 yo granddaughter was here and we were testing out the new scents. After spritzing WS on a piece of paper and waiting a few seconds for it to dry, it smelled like medicine! Both of us were saying "Ewwww!" About 30 min. later we smelled it again and couldn't believe how nice it was!

    Today my two huge dogs are getting their own cologne. :) I've always heard about "that bad dog smell" in our home's, and after many decades of having dogs I've never smelled anything bad except puppy breath. lol. This summer they finally got that dog smell, which I read usually happens in the summer time. Using baking soda gets rid of the smell from the rugs for a few weeks and I ordered some organic Lavender spray mist for them so I'm hoping it will stop that disgusting odor.

  • nosoccermom

    Behind my ears.

    I've used Diorissimo for decades. Plus on occasion Chanel No 5 (reminds me of my mom). I also love Givenchy III, but unfortunately, it's been discontinued.

  • Bunny

    I used to wear Chanel No 5 but I haven't worn anything in probably 15 years. I don't know many people who do anymore. I do like nicely scented soaps and hair products, but they seem to quickly dissipate.

    My mom used to wear that awful Estée Lauder Youth Dew and everything she wore smelled of it. I never could understand its appeal. Some people at work complained about the perfume of someone I supervised so I had to have that uncomfortable chat with her. It was in her clothes. She was nice and I felt bad about it.

  • artemis_ma

    I wear my scents behind my ears and on my wrists. I try not to wear anything heavy.

  • cindallas

    Interesting Oakley that Wood Sage and Sea Salt had such a bad beginning for you. But glad it was pleasant in the end. I've had other things like that but can't remember what they were right now. And sometimes I've had the opposite too of something I thought I liked originally then after a bit it was terrible. Thank goodness for samples!!!

    For you 'bad dog smell', if they are rugs, I'd set them outside in the sun and fresh air a few hours and that always did it for my Mom when we had a dog. Of course if the rug is large, that's no easy task!

    I had great luck with bad smells from a healthcare worker that we had for my Dad not too long ago. Talk about perfume overload!! She used essential oils, smoked cigarettes and then tried to cover all that up with some sort of strong cleaner or laundry detergent and a strong mouthwash!! I could smell ALL the layers. Yuk!! I was gagging and could not get 10 feet from her. We had to cover the chair she sat in with a blanket so it wouldn't permeate the fabric. My Dad had lost most of his sense of smell and he smoked cigars so it did not bother him plus she was great with him so I just put up with it. But I couldn't stand it and by the 3rd evening we had gotten an Orek air purifier. It was a larger newer model that I had used before but worked fantastic. I could now be in the same room with her. And by the next day, it was the freshest smelling room in the house. And she was no longer ruining the furniture. Maybe this could work for you? No I don't work for Orek or anything, just reporting what worked well for us and saved us from having to fire an otherwise great worker. The new bigger one we used is called Orek DualMax Air Purifier and the smaller size we had before was called the XL Professional Air Purifier. I've since even used the big one to get cigarette smoke and mothball smells out of a few leather purses and after a few days they smelled like leather again. In fact, I'm doing this same thing as a favor for a few friends of mine. Hope you can find something that can help you.

  • always1stepbehind

    I was told by someone to spray the perfume in your hair in order to keep the scent from changing. You know how sometimes scents can change after soaking into your skin.

    The worst is when you put on a new scent and then as the day goes by you realize you can't stand it and can't wait to take a shower...

  • Oakley

    Cindallas, last night I worked on the rugs and there isn't a smell to be had. I vacuumed first, generously sprinkled baking soda on them, spread the soda with a broom, and let sit for an hour. After vacuuming up the baking soda, the smell is gone.

    Then I sprayed the dogs with the Lavender wash. They weren't keen on that but too bad. :)

    Today my DIL stopped by and the first thing she said was "You smell so good!" I couldn't smell the cologne, and I asked if it was too much and she said no. I do think my sense of smell is starting to take a nose dive.

  • cindallas

    Wow Oakley that's great about your rugs!! That's too cool! I'll have to try that trick next time.

    We don't have a dog anymore but have cats. Have to be careful what I might use on them because they lick their fur so has to be non toxic and able to be injested. About the only thing I put on them lately is some human grade Black Current Oil to heal cuts or spots. Glad you found something that works even though they're not fond of it.

    I think everyone has a tendency to not smell your own scents after awhile. I mean that after a few hours and not being able to tell on yourself like you would on someone else. I bet you can smell someone else's scent just walking up to you. I've noticed that myself too. When my husband comes in from getting the mail and walks by me, there is a very strong 'fresh outdoor' scent in his wake that smells great. Doesn't last long but very strong to me but he can't smell it himself.

    I guess I'm always conscious of not putting on too much perfume myself because I'm so sensitive to that on others. But maybe that's why some people (gosh men included!) put on too much because THEY can't smell it on themselves any longer?? Interesting idea. I'll have to be conscious of that for the next few weeks to see what I'm smelling. I'll be polling my friends and coworkers and strike up a friendly conversation with people I'm in line with at the grocery store.

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