Is this Morden blush?

L Clark (zone 4 WY)
August 24, 2019
last modified: August 24, 2019

Planted this as a 1 qt bare root and this is its first bloom. This is supposed to be morden blush. This doesn’t look like what I was expecting. Is this Morden blush?

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  • joeywyomingz4b

    It doesn't look anything like my neighbor's Morden Blush. Did you get it from a local nursery or online?

    It is very pretty whatever it is!

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  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    No it is not Morden Blush.

    L Clark (zone 4 WY) thanked Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR
  • L Clark (zone 4 WY)

    Hmmm High Country Roses sent me the wrong rose then. I'd like a refund..

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    They are a great company, and will send you the right rose or a refund. I have never had a mixup with them, but all companies can have this happen.

  • joeywyomingz4b

    If you send Matt the picture he will be able to tell you what that one is, he is very knowledgable and helpful.

  • R pnwz8a

    No.. it is not Borden blush... Borden blush gives pink hues..

  • L Clark (zone 4 WY)

    I called High Country Roses and the guy said that it is Prairie Snowdrift. He said that they did send the wrong one and that it is "one genetic marker away from Morden Blush" whatever that means. They occasionally get them mixed up.

  • FrozeBudd_z4

    'Prairie Snowdrift' is a sport / mutation of 'Morden Blush' ... so, yes, they are genetically almost identical, flower color and number of petals being the difference. It is rather common for 'Morden Blush' to develop white mutations, such had occurred for my sister and also for friends of mine.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    I think it means that they someone picked it up and put it back in the wrong place and they couldn't tell from the leaves it was the wrong one with out a flower. They'll send out the right one and then you have a free rose!

    What other roses do you grow and like in your zone? I'm in the Denver area and started growing 3 yrs ago. Still trying to work out what I like the best.

  • L Clark (zone 4 WY)

    Matt is the guy and he was very nice. He said he'll send me a Morden Blush in the spring. Very good company.

    I'm very new to roses and this is only my second year, but anyway: I've got Morden Centennial, two Winnipeg Parks, Hope for Humanity, John Davis, two John Cabot, a Prairie Snowdrift (lol), Morden Blush (I picked up a different one), Cuthbert Grant, Blue Girl and All My Loving.

    Hope for Humanity is my fav. So many flowers! AML died back to the crown, but still made a nice bush with lots of blossoms that are exquisite (seriously exquisite). Same w/ BG, but way less vigorous.

    They ought to call 'Winnipeg Parks' 'Laramie Parks' instead because this rose is everywhere and does really well here for some reason.

    All the others are too young (planted this year) to make any sort of a judgement.

    I made a new bed along the south side of my house so I have room for even more! I'm looking at getting a Quadra, Champlain, Prairie Joy and Quietness (hope this one would be hardy for me).

    mmmmmCOz5 - what roses are you fond of?

  • FrozeBudd_z4

    I always highly recommend 'Campfire', especially for those dealing with a harsh climate. This thing is a bloom machine and an established specimen can be expected to be in flower for the entire season right through to killing frost. Blooms are long lasting and weather resistant and the foliage is rather healthy.

  • L Clark (zone 4 WY)

    I just wish campfire had more petals.

    Wait I'm thinking of Morden sunrise. Let me look up campfire. Oh, I don't like that one very much.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    My first year I really liked Pretty Lady Rose. It comes through the winter well and has nice flushes. This year it wasn't as full since I over pruned it in the spring. Had hardly any die back but I still cut it down to the ground. So the bushes this year stayed small:

    I also really like Sally Holmes and Playboy. But those are singles and it sounds like you don't like those. Spray of Sally Holmes today.


  • mmmm12COzone5

    I also really like Amiga Mia, a Buck rose. So much so that I bought a second one (Calico Gal) to try for next year. It was constantly in bloom for me. If it doesn't get too cold I am expecting another big flush since it has 21 buds on it and 6 flowers. This is an older picture - maybe Aug.

    Close up in Sept.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    I think I'm going to really like Parade Day and Lady in Red. Both are new this year. I got them as bands from High Country Roses in May (Parade Day) and April (Lady in Red.)

    This is Parade Day today. We had a big rain a couple of days ago so things started to nod. It generally hasn't been a nodder.

    And this is Lady in Red today. Phenomenal growth. I started with one trellis and had to add a second. I have a third on hand for next year.

    A close up of the blooms.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    I just put in Winnipeg Parks in July of this year. It really took off since then and has had some gorgeous flowers. Looking forward to it next year. It was one of the most entered flowers that I loved at the Denver Rose Show. I attended the show to scout out potential adds for my garden that did well in Denver and Winnipeg Parks obviously does.

    I also have Dainty Bess and Golden Wings. Kind of underwhelmed with both. I like them both as cut flowers but they sort of fade out in the garden.

    Golden Wings may become a swap plant next year.

    Dainty Bess

    I have a 25+yr old pink Fairy. While it isn't a favorite I think it is only because is old, reliable and been here forever. It is very pretty.

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Thanks for the pictures, Amiga Mia and Lady in Red are both on my wish list for next spring so it is great to see how they do out and about in the garden.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    I just looked up Blue Girl. Stunning! I have Love Song but in a bad place (too much shade) so only got 3 blooms this year.

    I've heard good things from Moses about Quietness (also a Buck Rose) but it is always sold out at High Country Roses so if you see it grab it.

    I looked up most of your other roses. You seem to have done a great job picking hardy ones. Come spring I'm going to be re-evaluating my choices. Last year I was dismayed with all the die back such that the ones that didn't die back got cut anyways just because we didn't make enough effort to make sure they didn't get cut back.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    Do you have any full plant pictures of your Winnipeg Parks?

  • mmmm12COzone5

    Joey, I think you will be pleased with both. Lady in Red is really tough to photograph because the reds saturate the camera. But it is a show stopper in the garden. Everyone oohs and aahs over it. Amiga Mia also gets alot of compliments. I think it is the traditional rose that everyone associates with being a rose. The blooms are also a very good size.

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