Remarkably efficient service - no human involved

August 28, 2019

I experienced a new level of efficiency with Amazon yesterday that left me rather dumbfounded. I had a charge on my credit card that didn't match anything on my order history. I watch my account regularly for anything that might be fraudulent. So I decided to call Amazon to check on this - yes I could actually call someone. I was looking up the number on my phone and it offered the option to enter my number and have someone call me back so I decided to try that - wondering how long that would take. It was immediate, albeit an automated attendant - at which point I'm thinking what kind of phone tree am I going to be forced to work my way through and how long will that take.

The automan proceeded to immediately tell me $$ had been charged to my credit card for my Amazon Prime fee. Then he asked me if this what I was calling about - yes I said. Anything else he could help me with - no I said. All this took maybe 30 seconds. I was truly amazed - maybe this happens all the time but it has NEVER happened to me. It left me shaking my head and chuckling.

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