questions about emitters for spot watering a perennial bed

Xty G (z4)
5 months ago

Our garden beds currently have 1/2“ irrigation tubing that has built in copper emitters spaced at 12”. I would like to attach some 1/4” tubing in various places to the 1/2” tubing and lead some emitters to spot water certain perennials and shrubs. We have heavy, rich clay soil so I was thinking of using 1/2 gph emitters.

- all the photos of drip emitters on the end of the 1/4” tubing are on stakes? Why is this? Can I instead lay the tubing/emitters on the ground and cover with mulch as our 1/2” tubing is? Or lay it on the ground just on top of the mulch?

- for smaller shrubs, and perennials such as peonies, would it be better to buy the 1/4” tubing that have built in emitters at 6” spacing and circle them with that than use the individual pressure controlled drip emitters?

- for other perennials, such as cone flowers, day Lillie’s, bee balm, geranium, etc., is a tube with an emitter at the end placed close to the plant enough? Should I have a tube/emitter go out to two opposite sides of each perennial? How does using just one effect the way the roots grow? And should the emitters be placed pretty close to the current edge of the plant, or where I would like to roots to eventually grow out to?

thanks! Christie

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