Glass Shower door pulling marble shower wall away from drywall.

last year

HI, We renovated our bathroom in 2015 and had Tyvarian (man-made marble slabs) shower walls installed in our 3ft. x5 ft. alcove with frameless shower stationary wall and swinging door. This year we noticed a crack form between the marble wall and the drywall where the swinging door is hinged and attached to the marble. As the year as passed, the crack has gotten wider and now the shower door is getting stuck on the plastic piece that separates the glass stationary shower wall from the swinging shower door. We have to gently push/pull door to get it open or closed fully.

I've contacted both the marble shower wall installer and the frameless glass door installer. They are basically pointing fingers at each other and saying it's the other guys fix. I'm not putting blame on either. I just want it fixed. I know stuff happens and nothing last forever, but I also don't want my shower to fall apart. So, What could cause this to happen? How can it be fixed? Who should fix it? Here are some Pics of the problem area.

The above pic is looking down into the crack from the ceiling.

This last pic is a mirror reflection of what's going on inside the crack. It's the best I could do. Thanks!

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