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Honeylocust tour Canadian Prairies 2019

5 months ago

This summer i had several opportunities to go from Manitoba, ND, SK and Alberta looking for rare and uncommon trees... and honey locusts.
One of the biggest shocks was finding this lovely 25' locust in Dauphin, Manitoba.
I also found nice locusts in Saskatoon, Regina and Medicine Hat.
Sadly, I was disappointed to find so many of the boulevards locusts doing poorly in Edmonton. They seemed much better 3 years ago. Can someone show me some locusts that are doing really well in Edmonton? I would love to see them.
Northern Acclaim is proving to be very hardy... Let's start planting more of them!

Comments (3)

  • Greg

    , Manitoba ...

  • FrozeBudd_z3/4

    The Edmonton region has had things VERY tough the last while. Last years unbelievable cold snowy September was something like the worst in 40 years, there was snow on the ground for what a few weeks? THEN, the coldest February in something like 60 years and now this year we've experiencing a non summer, literally the sun has been obscured by a thick grey blanket of clouds (or at least partially cloudy) for like 70% of possible sunshine hours! This IS easily the worst summer I have ever experienced and a lot of folks certainly agree! Near perpetual low pressure systems have developed west to east through central Alberta and down to Red Deer, while more northern regions haven't had things quite as bad and southern Alberta (espeically SE) has experienced a hot dry summer. The Honey locust are having a hard time coping with what has been dished out in Edmonton, a lot of folks are tired of the weather as well !!

  • brothergarm

    I just came back to Ontario from Calgary today, and I was surprised at how much die back there was on the boulevard trees in downtown Calgary. Also quite a bit on the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club. It makes sense if you say that there has been a couple rough winters.

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