what is your favorite white exterior color?

September 3, 2019

We are repainting our bi-level. I am having a hard time deciding on a color. After putting a coat of primer on the front of the house I’m kind of liking the white. What is you favorite exterior white? Or would you advice against white?
We are also putting in new garage doors and either painting the brick or replacing it with stone. The entrance door will be painted as well. Two window boxes under the two small window to balance the large window on the other side. If I put the shutters back I am thinking a muted green like sage.

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    RL Relocation LLC

    I would think it would be very hard to decide that with out knowing what you are doing with the brick. you could just lime wash it.

  • PRO

    Why replace the brick -- does it need it? I'd try to work with it and not paint it.

    For colors, you are somewhat constrained by the roof.

    Landscaping would make a big change. I like the simplicity of this -- no shutters, no window boxes etc.

    The color shown for the garage and entrance isn't right. I would try to match one of the darker colors in the brick.

  • K Laurence

    Maybe a sage / gray green would look good with the brick. I wouldn’t paint the brick. A creamy white ( not stark ) white would look good too I think. I’d leave the shutters off for now. I would tweak the landscaping before painting, especially the ones near the entry & garage door.

  • chloebud

    We've used Swiss Coffee (Benjamin Moore) for the exterior with great results. In our case it was just the trim, but my sister used it for her siding...nice! Agree with no shutters, especially on the larger window.

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    Lori A. Sawaya

    We are also putting in new garage doors and either painting the brick or replacing it with stone.

    The color of the brick or stone will dictate which white is the right one for the rest of the house. Choose all your materials first, paint color last.

  • Lilla

    Thank you all for your advice. I am kind of stuck on white for house color. I don’t like the red brick and the red door so that will be changed. So basically the house will be white with a brown roof.
    My husband is adamant that we paint the house this weekend and worry about the the other colors, materials later so I am forced to pick the paint now. I was hoping I could get some suggestions on a nice white. I like a modern style.

  • houssaon

    Leave the brick for now. I think once you get the siding and the front door painted, you might warm up to the brick. I like the idea of a color on the door surround area. See if you can relocate the overgrown shrubs away from the foundation so you can see more of the house. Good luck.

  • victoria4831

    I use BM’s White Dove on all of the outdoor trim and molding of my brick house and it’s lovely. Not too stark but crisp and balances nicely with the brick.

  • Lizzy L.

    Don't do what I did. I have a light gray house and wanted a true white for my garage door. At the store I was talked into Simply White in order to not be "stark." I hated it. It looked yellow. I ended up covering it with Behr's Frost, a white/light cool gray. It was perfect. That wouldn't work for you, unless you get rid of all that red, maroon and orangish color. which I would do. They are dated.

    Paint always depends on how it looks next to what you already have and lighting. Get lots of paint samples, narrow it down to a few that work, then get sample pots to test it on the actual structure. Finally, look at it at different times a day.

    When I look at your house, the first thing I notice are the overgrown shrubs, and then the windows -- they need trimwork, at the very least. Good luck!

  • celerygirl

    Be carefull with White Dove. It looks gray with luck of light. I read a lot of complains about WD. Try sample of Chantilly Lace instead.

  • chloebud

    There are links that might be helpful when it comes to white paint choices for exteriors. This is one of many...

  • Pam van Rooyen

    Sherwin Williams Pure White is perfect, everywhere!

  • Pam van Rooyen

    It seems pure white (like the name!) but is neither chalky nor dingy.

  • yalemichmom

    @celerygirl -- Ahh! Now I know why I HATE my BM White Dove trim with BM Edgecomb Gray walls in my new upstairs laundry--there is no natural light and the warm electric lighting (prefer warm or cool) just makes it look dingy. So many people use it, and online photos always look amazing, but not so much in my house! I chose BM Chantilly Lace which pops more against any of my areas without natural light (such as my Master Closet).

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