Remind me ... who are our short-haired ladies here?

September 5, 2019
last modified: September 5, 2019

I know April is one, but who else sports a pixie (or near-pixie) haircut? I finally went for it and got mine cut very short -- no more bobbed side pieces, but it's now very short with very long bangs. Although this isn't the first time I've had short hair, it has been two decades since I have, and it's taking some getting used to. I find that I want to wear a little more makeup than before (particularly eyes and lips), and most of all am really enjoying being able to show my earrings off again. (I have 3 piercings on each side, with cartilage piercing in my upper ear on one side in which I wear a stud with two little rectangular diamonds. My earrings were lost and never showed when worn with my sides longer.)

Washing and styling is an absolute BREEZE now. Takes only 2-3 minutes tops. I run a bit of mousse through it and then blow it dry with a large-diameter round brush, going to the opposite side with my bangs and then flipping them back where I want them. Seems to give decent volume.

I find it funny that I've received lots of compliments from the women in my life, while the men generally mumble something like, "Well, it'll grow" -- or, "Wow, that's SHORT." Dorks. ;-) I guess I'm kind of past caring what men think about my hair.

I didn't want to post "real" photos, so rendered myself artfully. Would love to see or hear from other similarly-coiffed ladies with a description of their own styling routine.

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  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    I recall the long thread about new/short cuts. Your artful pix look really cute!

    My last cut was almost that short, and it lasted me all summer. My latest is a bit longer layered short bob - maybe an inch or so below my ears/jawline in front, and layered higher in back. I love having it short it too, but find I do need to wash my hair (lightly w/ super moisturizing shampoo & cond.) every night when I shower, or it gets frizzy and weirdly wavy the next day.

    I love that I don't need to style or do much more than put a little curl enhancing product in my hair after washing.

    IdaClaire thanked carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
  • Fun2BHere

    Looks good, IdaClaire! Not being able to show earrings is the one thing I don't like about my bob.

    IdaClaire thanked Fun2BHere
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  • IdaClaire

    Shee, that cut is adorable and tempts me to cut my bangs shorter and spiky! It just looks fresh, fun, and youthful.

    I too am a daily washer ... have to, since I work out in the evenings (and just go to bed with dried sweat in my hair -- ew), but I like to refresh with my purple shampoo in the mornings anyway, and tend to use it every other day (mostly applied where I still have color remaining as it tends to go brassy). I haven't tried letting it air dry at this length yet, and am curious as to whether my curl/wave would make it look cute or make me look demented. Maybe I'll attempt that on a weekend when I don't have to see anyone except DH, and he's used to me looking demented most of the time. ;-)

    I almost feel like I have a "new" accessory wardrobe now that the earrings show! I hadn't realized how much I missed seeing them until, well ... until I could see them again!

  • anitamo

    I love it!!!

    IdaClaire thanked anitamo
  • pudgeder

    Ida, that is adorable!

    I'm a short hair gal myself. Have been for years.

    With curly hair and a cowlick right smack dab in the front, it's just so much easier to wear it short than to fight it. LOL Ida, I wish I could pull off that style!

    IdaClaire thanked pudgeder
  • IdaClaire

    I love your curls, pudgeder! And your color. I'm going quite white in front myself, although the back is very dark blonde to brown. Actually, my color is just one big mess right now, but I'm working to get back to au naturel ... whatever it may be. I hope it eventually ends up as pretty a color as yours!

  • 3katz4me

    Cute!! I had mine very short for years but have grown it out a bit more recently. I remember when I went from bob to short the last time I got a lot of compliments including how much younger I looked. DH hated it and hated it for years - didn't like my hair shorter than his. He likes the current style a little better except the back - short inverted bob that I wear behind the ear on one side (sometimes both sides) so the back is quite short. Oh well, I listen to his opinion and then do what I think looks good on me which is not anything that comes below the chin line. I just started looking too dragged down and blah after a certain age with longer hair like that. Men always seem to like longer hair. Mine was to my waist when I met him (which he mentions from time to time) so I suppose he's thinking the current state is kind of a bait and switch situation.

    IdaClaire thanked 3katz4me
  • graywings123

    I love those pics of you IdaClaire. I want my driver's license photo to look like that.

    IdaClaire thanked graywings123
  • IdaClaire

    3katz -- yep. I had long hair when I met my DH and kept it that way for years, only once going to a shorter bob and knowing then that he didn't like my hair worn that way. He has since relaxed his "opinion" and understands that I'm going to do what I want to do with my hair -- just as I "allow" him to do so with his without comment. I know he still prefers long hair (and horror of horrors, he likes it VERY blonde and doesn't seem to grasp that a frizzle-fried head of yellow-white hair is NOT a good look), but I've come to accept that and to be ok with that, while going on and doing my own thing. It's like we've both sort of grown up and into our marriage by accepting that we can like different things and not demand those things of the other person, ya know?

    But I digress. ;-)

  • OutsidePlaying

    You look great with short hair Ida! I really wish I could wear short hair sometimes, if for no other reason than the simple ease of it.

    IdaClaire thanked OutsidePlaying
  • lyfia

    Your hair looks super cute! Wish I could do something like that, but never works well for me with semi-curly hair that gets less manageable with shorter length as in waves in all directions that then have to be tamed - I had bob style before and it required too much maintenance on my end with haircuts to keep it the same and try to get the flip be the same on both sides, which it never did. My long hair though is super easy as it requires no styling, much how I imagine short hair would be except it would dry much much faster.

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  • cawaps

    I'm pretty sure I've already posted this, so no point blurring anything. This is me in March. I still have basically the same cut, but the last time I had it colored I color-shifted slightly into the blues, so the overall effect is more violet than it was here.

    IdaClaire thanked cawaps
  • IdaClaire

    Yes, cawaps, I remember that beautiful violet-hued hair! I love that cut on you. It's edgy and stylish and pretty all at the same time. Nice.

  • patriceny

    I'm exactly like Lyfia. I'd love to be able to wear shorter hair - Ida, you are adorable! My hair is frizzy and kinky, wavy and curly, all at once. The weight of longer hair actually helps keep it more under control.

    I adore shorter styles and lust after an easier hair care routine. For me I'm stuck with shoulder length or longer. Pony tails in the summer are my saving grace.

    IdaClaire thanked patriceny
  • Sueb20

    I’m growing out my pixie a bit. Here’s what it looked like about a month ago. Everyday is a borderline bad hair day right now.

    My goal at the moment is something like this.

    But I’ll probably get fed up and go back to my standby, which is usually more like this. Wish I had this face too!

    IdaClaire thanked Sueb20
  • gsciencechick

    I like it!

    Keeping my bob, though!

    IdaClaire thanked gsciencechick
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I wear a pixie but keep it longer on top. Very happy with it. Found a pic of myself in the 8th grade with the same cut! Lots of styles in between but this one suits me fine. Looks wise and lifestyle wise.

    IdaClaire thanked Annie Deighnaugh
  • Funkyart

    Love all your adorable short cuts! I don't have the face for the shorter cuts-- but I do appreciate them!

    And PS after all these years, I have never seen a photo of you, Shee-- well, almost you. You are beautiful!

    IdaClaire thanked Funkyart
  • bbstx

    I’ve always had long hair, something long enough for a pony tail. Because I have an inoperable benign cyst on my forehead (that my daughter says isn’t noticeable, but looks like a bullseye to me), I’ve had to start wearing bangs to hide it. When I got the bangs cut, I also got my hair cut very short...shorter than a bob but not quite as short as a pixie. I LOVE IT! After years of blowing, curling, fiddling with my hair, now all I have to do is wash it and comb it. Sometimes I add a little mouse or gel to get some height at the crown.

    Being new to bangs, this is my favorite meme

    IdaClaire thanked bbstx
  • Peppapoodle

    I so wish I could wear short hair & love all the cute, stylish cuts y’all have. So much fun w color, too!!

    My BF has super great hair- always styled to a T. Takes her no time to get this either. Meanwhile, I’m on day 3 of dry shampoo bc it takes me 30 minutes to dry my hair.

    IdaClaire thanked Peppapoodle
  • Bonnie

    Your new "do" looks great Ida! I tried short hair with highlights, planning to grow out the gray, but I just was not ready. I feel so vain, but am back to having a base color and highlights, and am wearing my hair longer than I have in years.

    IdaClaire thanked Bonnie
  • msmeow

    I've had a pixie cut for many years. My hair is baby-fine and has zero body, so when it's longer it just looks wispy and stringy. If I use mousse or something to try to style it or puff it up it lasts about an hour before my hair is straight and flat again. So a short cut that doesn't need styling is best for me. :)


    IdaClaire thanked msmeow
  • IdaClaire

    Sue, that cut is adorable on you! The style you're growing into will be as well. And yes, that 'do' on Ms. Goodwin is perfect. I'm sure I've seen her with longer hair, but the short hair just really seems to suit her best.

    I'm struggling with these long bangs, since they're right at the growth stage where they want to flip up on the ends. I noticed that Erin's (of Home Town) bangs have the same tendency, and on her the little flip looks cute. She totally rocks the short style, by the way.

    That bangs meme IS hilarious! I can absolutely relate!

    Peppa, your BF has mastered the art of short hair! Everything about her cut is perfect.

  • tvq1

    IdaClaire--I love your haircut! I wish my hair would behave itself so I could have bangs like yours.

    I'm a short hair gal--but not sure I'd call mine a pixie cut, as my "bangs" have a mind of their own. My hair has lots of body and natural waves--but it won't do bangs. I can spray gel, clip them down until dry and they still spring back up and over my forehead---aaarrrrggghhh!! So I just gave up. I am lucky that I only have to wash it, towel dry, put in a little mousse and run my fingers through it and I'm done--3 minutes max.

    (You can kind of see my hair in my profile pic-I'm sure I started the day with slight bangs--but look where they end up)

    IdaClaire thanked tvq1
  • IdaClaire

    tvq1, what a romantic profile pic! And although the photo is small, I can still tell that you're rockin' the short hair! How nice to be able to wash, add a bit of product, and go. I do think I'm going to try that soon myself, but have a feeling I won't like it ... it seems to have curl/wave in the wrong places, particularly the shorter it is and the more pronounced that seems to make the natural texture.

    Hmmm. Now I'm wondering if short hair is popular among women in Paris? (Because of tvq's profile picture, of course.) :-)

  • jb1586

    I had short hair for years, and more recently, tried to get it to look like Beth from the "Style at a certain age" blog (very similar to yours, Ida, with the long sweep). My fine hair, which was stick straight, but has become more wavy in recent years, wouldn't cooperate, no matter how much product I used. So, I am growing it out, in the hopes that the popular longish bob, will work better with my hair. So far, not so much!

    IdaClaire thanked jb1586
  • pamghatten

    Looks good Ida, here's mine, this picture is a couple of years old but the hair style hasn't changed ... my hair is the same as msmeow .. very fine, lots of it .. the only texture I get is by coloring it.

    IdaClaire thanked pamghatten
  • tinam61

    I love it! I love long top layers and bangs. I didn't realize that style was a pixie though. I thought a pixie was more like Shee's pic and the last one Sue shared?

    I'm longer short-haired. My top is probably more layered than yours but longish layers with long side-swept bangs. The nape is shaped closer to my neck and then the back and sides graduate to longer layers. I almost always have the sides tucked behind my ears.

    I won't go as short as the two pixie pics I mentioned. My hair is thick and wavy, somewhat curly. I can't imagine a curly pixie! As someone mentioned, the shorter I would go, the more curl I would have. Not a good look! The length/weight of my hair pulls some of the curl out. Having that texture hair makes it extremely easy to dry/style. I tend to lean towards dry, and wash mine every other day., I've never tried dry shampoo and won't as I think it would dull my dark brown hair. Plus, I don't need the volume.

    Again, I love your new cut!

    IdaClaire thanked tinam61
  • Sueb20

    I think I’ve seen cuts like Ida’s referred to as “long pixies”? When I hear pixie, this is what I imagine:

    IdaClaire thanked Sueb20
  • tinam61

    Thanks Sue! That's what I think of too.

    IdaClaire thanked tinam61
  • Sheeisback GW

    Fresh! Yes that’s the word I usually think of most when describing short hair and anytime I’d receive any hair compliments that was probably the most used word. I honestly always felt more put together with short hair.

    Aw thank you Funky! Over the years I have posted a photo or two but usually took them down shortly after once I‘d remember it’s the internet. :)

    For the most part I consider a pixie to be anything with ears cut out and short in back. Long pixie. Short pixie.

    To those who haven’t taken the plunge, come over to the short hair side ...

    IdaClaire thanked Sheeisback GW
  • IdaClaire

    Pam, that cut is super cute on you! Love the spikiness of it. How often do you need to get it trimmed? I envision needing one every 4 weeks, which feels like a big commitment, but the amount of styling time saved in between is totally worth it.

  • sealavender

    Mine is short, now dyed dark blonde and highlighted to make it what it was in younger days. The minute I retire, I plan on going blue or purple...LOL! It's thick like Shetland pony mane with a mind of its own, so staying short keeps it under control.

    IdaClaire thanked sealavender
  • Yayagal

    I am a short hair person, this is me last week waiting for a train with my daughter, age 60, granddaughter age 34 and her son who is 3 and then me on the right who is 80. I cut and color it myself, the back is fitted tight from the top of the ear down to nape and fuller above that.

    IdaClaire thanked Yayagal
  • pamghatten

    Thanks Ida, you are correct .. every 4 weeks. But as you said, I don't even own a hair dryer .. I style it, finish getting ready, run a brush through it, quick spray and out the door. Easy Peasy! I have weird cow-licks, so I had my hair cut like this in the 80's when I was into punk rock, and haven't changed it much since. It suits me ...

    IdaClaire thanked pamghatten
  • eld6161

    Yaya, what a lovely pictures! I can't believe you have a 60 year old daughter!!!!!!

  • Bunny

    Yaya, you are not 80. That's a typo.

    Your hair is so cute. Are you a former hairdresser? Because you can come over and cut my hair any day and I'm fussy. I've cut (and colored) my own hair in the past, but the back is just something I couldn't quite get right. I love the fullness on top. Very cute.

  • Yayagal

    Bunny I'll be 81 in Feb. There's no explaining why our clan looks younger than average but we all do. I never dreamed I'd looks so unwrinkled at my age but I have some very soft ones. My hair never turned to white or silver, I still have dark hair but I highlight it with two tones of blonde. I owned hair salons so I'm a pro after 45 years of doing hair. My daughter looks about 40 and her daughter looks about 22. We don't know why but we're REALLY OKAY with it. lol.

  • gsciencechick

    Yaya, my mother was very much like you with her skin, but she let her hair go platinum maybe once she turned 75 or so. We also come from a family that doesn't really wrinkle.

  • lascatx

    I love your cut, Ida Claire! My hair is probably most like the one Peppapoodle posted -- kind of between that and Yayagal's. My style may shift a bit as I am looking for a new stylist -- and I'm thinking of letting it get a bit longer in back for fall and winter, but as it is now, I towel dry it and brush it into shape -- let it air dry while I get dressed and then give it a quick dry just sweeping the sides back with the brush and using a round brush on the top and bangs if needed -- usually more as it grows out. Optimal would probably be a cut every 3-4 weeks, but a good cut can take me 4-6 weeks with a little extra effort. I have gone 6-8 weeks, but that has had more to do with trying to let it get a little longer to change the shape a bit or avoiding looking for a new stylist, which I really hate, If I am stretching between cuts, I might use a little mousse on the top and bangs to hold the shape when they get heavier.

    IdaClaire thanked lascatx
  • tinam61

    Yaya, you are beautiful!

  • Yayagal

    Bunny, you could get the height in the roots by purchasing this at Amazon, it's 9.99 and has two rows of long and one of short which creates a little cushion. You brush it down the hair you are holding upright from your scalp. I do a one in row at a time.

    Amazon.com : WOLINSPRING Little Wonder Boar & Tourmaline Nylon Bristle Teasing B · More Info

    You lean your head forward and run this brush down the shank of hair one time and move to the next section etc. It creates a cushion for the other hair to lay across. They show how to tease hair on Utube.

  • Bunny

    Yaya, thanks. Back in the day, I didn't leave the house without being teased to the hilt (we called it "ratting") and a ton of Aqua Net. I have much longer layers now and a penchant for running my fingers through my hair, so teasing will have to wait until I chop it off again.

  • IdaClaire

    Yaya, you look fabulous! That's a wonderful photo of you and the slightly younger generations! I use one of those teasing brushes that you posted -- just in the back-crown area, and really like how it gives just enough lift.

  • Yayagal

    I just do a soft teasing on the roots as I have a small head lol.

  • OutsidePlaying

    Yaya, you and your girls look absolutely fabulous. That’s some good genes in your family! I can only hope time will be good to me and mine.

  • always1stepbehind

    LOL...I got my haircut this weekend and was seriously considering the big chop...I've always had long hair but if I were to do the big chop it would have to be short short hair like a pixie. I have thick curly hair and when I cut the length the width doubles...when I told my stylist I was considering short short, she said "oh no, I DONT THINK I'M READY TO DO THAT YET"...lol Maybe the stylist needs to be mentally prepared too.

  • bbstx

    Yayagirl, I’ve ordered my Wolinspring brush for the same reason IdaClaire did - I need a little lift at the crown. My hairdresser gave me texturizing spray the last time she cut my hair, but, to be honest, I’m totally ham-fisted when it comes to dealing with my hair!

    always1stepbehind, I went from shoulder length hair to a nearly-pixie cut last year and I won’t go back! It took 10 years off! Do it. It’s only hair. It’ll grow back!

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