My Prayer Plant is brown and yellowing

September 7, 2019

I bought this plant at a farmer's market in the Spring. My prayer plant thrived for the first few months that I had it in my care. It had new growth within a month and was very vibrant in color. However, since I brought it home from college it has really gone downhill. I did over water it for 2 weeks thinking maybe it got too dry. But now I have returned to watering it when the soil is dry and light (like I had been at school).

What I have done differently since coming home:

1) used my home tap water vs the tap water in a different city. I just bought distilled water to water with from now on hoping this helps if the minerals in the water are killing it.

2) Given it some indoor plant fertilizer. I learned my lesson the hard way that I should follow the exact directions on how much to mix with the water. I could have added too much per quart of water. This could possibly be the problem too. I am not adding any more fertilizer in case this is what is killing it. I used it twice during this summer.

3) I had it closer to a window then back at school. At school I had it sitting on a desk about 3-4 feet away from a window. At home I have had a hard time finding a place for it with indirect light that isn't super dark.

4) I just replanted it in a different pot (still plastic) to check the roots. The roots look thin, small, and delicate, but they do not look rotted. I mixed the old soil with some fresh potting soil. I hope this act didn't just cost me the plant life! But I was desperate.

Anyways, I could use all the help I can get. It makes my heart so sad that I am losing this beautiful plant. It is simply stunning when it is healthy.

Also: I propagated this plant in a class 2 years ago and didn't label it. Can someone tell me what it is? I have no idea and I want to care for it the best that I can!!!

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