Painting an engineered marble threshold

September 7, 2019

The Home Depot has only two colors of marble thresholds, and the variety at Lowe's is even worse. I bought a beige one at first and it didn't go with my bathroom tiles at all (the seller installed them, not me) so I used the white one, this one, to be exact: https://www.homedepot.com/p/MSI-White-Hollywood-Style-5-in-x-30-in-Engineered-Marble-Threshold-Floor-and-Wall-Tile-THD2WH5X30SHL/203102968

The tiles, which are white with a greyish-brown marbling, are difficult to find a decent threshold match in, but this threshold looks almost grey next to the white wall and trim. Unfortunately, it's been installed already by my contractor. I did check it out before installation and it didn't look so stark at the time, maybe due to the lighting I used, so I just had him put it in. While I know it's harder to paint something after it's been installed rather than before, if I were to do so, I guess I would need to cover up the surrounding areas.

While it's on the floor, I don't anticipate stepping on the marble threshold very often. For some reason I avoid stepping on thresholds and I wonder if others do the same. It will, however, obviously be under a door. Were I to paint it, would spray paint do, or would I need a brush-on paint? Water, latex, shellac, or oil based? I'd likely just use white instead of attempting to "draw" on a fancy marbled pattern, but something that matches the walls and/or trim better, so no major color difference.

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