New build property and Sod woes

Zakery Null
September 8, 2019

So I am very new to this and I am trying to learn the best I can. So go easy on me. I know I’m in 7b zone.

So we bought a new house July 1. They tore down a terrible property and built our house in an existing neighborhood. They laid sod like 5-6 days before we settled and were watering the grass 24/7 until we took over. We took over and the grass was great other than a few dead rolls. The builder recommended us watering a few hours every evening for another week. I kept up and was watering for about an hour in the evening daily for about a month.

I didn’t cut for the first 4-5 weeks and it was a 4in cut. I thought the sod was set and stopped watering so regularly.

I now have what appears to be a mostly dead yard. A few patches of crabgrass and a few areas that are at least alive. Beneath the sod appears to be just sand.

Where should I start!?!? Please help.

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