To Basketball Court or Not to Basketball Court..That is the question?

Dionna Farbstein
September 9, 2019

The investment house we are working on getting ready to sell has an almost full size basketball court in the pretty large backyard (see photo). My SOBP (Significant Other Business Partner) wants to rip out the concrete on 1/3 of it and I’m on the fence...or should I say net?

I grew up with a small driveway hoop and could have made it to the WNBA if I had a bigger one I bet!

Please help me again fellow Houzzerrs and give me your opinion on keeping it as is or paying to have it removed...? If you know whether it increases or decreases the home value, your opinions on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Also - any ideas on what to do with the shed and dog run (hidden behind the large bush which is being trimmed) would be great! Or should I put that in a separate discussion?

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