Craig LeHoullier's Reviews of Dwarf Tomatoes

5 days ago

In case, you have not seen it, this is the first in a series of 5 articles with Craig LeHoullier's opinion on all (well most, since he hasn't grown all of them) of the release varieties in the Dwarf Tomato Project


The links to the next article in the series are at the bottom of the page.

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  • Labradors

    Thanks for sharing these comments from the guru of the dwarf project. Most helpful :).

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Jamie - thanks for posting this link! And I hope you continue to post links to the remaining articles. I didn't read all of the reviews yet but did read the reviews for the dwarfs I grew this season if he listed them. Beauty King, Tasmanian Chocolate, Wild Fred, Mr. Snow, Brandyfred( in a 5 gallon bucket), and Rosella Purple.

    I was most impressed with Beauty King, Brandyfred, and Mr. Snow. I think I let Wild Fred set too many fruit and they didn't size up very well for me. Rosella Purple had a nice early fruit set and ripened earliest of all the dwarfs. All 5 of my dwarfs in raised beds eventually succumbed to Septoria but the Brandyfred that was about 100 yards from my garden and any other tomatoes and was protected by a tree line never got Septoria. It did get knocked over by wind 3 times and lost a few green fruit each time.

    I'm going to grow all of my dwarfs in containers next year but I need to figure out a better way to keep them upright when a storm rolls through. Maybe a large rock in the bottom of each container.

    I have saved seeds for 4 varieties and purchased seeds for 8 varieties if would like some for next season. I'm fermenting seeds from the last 2 Brandyfred right now.

    ETA: the other varieties I have seed for that I didn't list are Iditarod Red and Sleeping Lady that Heritage Seed Market included as a bonus. I also bought some of my dwarfs from Victory seeds.

  • yolos - 8a Ga. Brooks

    Lone Jack - To keep pots from turning over, I drill a hole in the bottom of the pot. Then pound a piece of EMT thru the hole into the ground. This stabilizes the pot and , depending on the length of the EMT, you can use it as a trellis for your tomatoes/peas/squash etc to grow up. Of course this would only work if you had the pot sitting on soil and not on a deck/concrete etc.

  • Jamie

    Jack- here are links to the rest of the articles:





    Have you thought about using growbags instead of a 5-gallon bucket? The bags I've been using are somewhat wider than they are tall and have a lower center of gravity. They don't seem to tip over as easily as a bucket would. The only drawback that I've seen with them is that they tend to dry out quickly so you have to stay on top of watering.

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Thanks for the idea Yolos, I may try that next year. This year I had that bucket tomato and my potted herbs on the edge of my driveway. The Dwarf Brandyfred actually got about 6' tall counting the bucket and had heavy foliage so it acted like a wind sail especially if I forgot to water one day and the soil got dry.

    That spot on my driveway has the best sun exposure near my house which is the middle of the woods. I could put the containers right next to the driveway and use your suggestion but it starts to slope down a bit from the concrete. The containers would also kill my lawn (mostly weeds and clover) and I would have to weed whack around them.

    I'll figure out something

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Thanks for the rest of the links Jamie. I only saw the first 2. I will read the others over lunch.

    I do have one 15 or 20 gallon grow bag. I didn't want to use that much planting mix for one tomato but I'm sure 2 or maybe even 3 dwarfs would fit into that bag.

    I have some other containers including a few 10 gallon ceramic pots I can use that should have enough weight to keep them upright. My wife hasn't used them for a few years and they are just stacked up in my shed. I'd probably have to evict some critters from them though. hahaha

  • Jamie

    I thought about the soil quantity after I posted that message also, Jack. haha the ceramics sound like a good alternative also!

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