I need to transplant a Climbing Prairie Rose (Rosa Setigera)

Lynn Nevins
September 9, 2019

Hi everyone.

I have a Climbing Prairie Rose that I bought last Fall. It's been in a very large planter since then, and it really grew over the Spring/Summer. Once I understood that, unlike certain other plants, this one will absolutely not work in a pot (it's much too prolific a grower), I had to find someone with a yard who could take it.

I have since found such a person, and my plan is to dig up the plant and give it to them this weekend. The person told me I should cut back the plant/growth as much as possible.

My question is...I thought I'd heard that this is not a plant you should ever cut back....though someone else had told me this plant is tough as nails...that cutting it back should be just fine.

What do you think? By the way, I and the person I'm giving the plant to are in Zone 6b.


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