Fort Worth Autumn swap Saturday October 12th 2019 Forest Park

Sylvia Gordon
September 9, 2019
last modified: September 9, 2019

Fort Worth Autumn swap Saturday October 12th 2019 Forest Park, starting about 9 a.m., but people drift in all morning LOL.
From I-30, go south on University, and turn left into the park.
The zoo will be on your left and the reptile facility on your right.
Follow the road to a parking lot on the right with a pavilion behind it.
I will put signs up on University and at the parking lot.
Rules are simple, and can be summed up in one sentence:It's that old golden do unto others thing.
Make your offers in good faith, and don't put someone on the spot.
While you can trade your cow for someone else's magic beans, please don't ask someone to trade their cow for your magic beans!
If you have arranged a pre-trade, and your trading partner declines once they see your offering, nothing more needs to be said.Maybe they misunderstood, maybe you misunderstood, it doesn't matter. Whatever you have brought, I will guarantee someone else will want it!
People put their pre trades under the picnic tables along with the things they have received, so things that are under the tables are not available for trade... so please don't go grubbing through under-the-table stuff and getting excited!
Things that are available for trade are on top of the tables.
All you have to do is come to an agreement with the person who brought the item before you pick up the item.
We bring plants, seeds, plant markers, compost, Starbucks coffee grounds, gardening books and magazines, garden gloves, lotions and sunblock, flowerpots, wind chimes, garden art, weird freaky off-the-wall stuff...
If you are just starting or just starting over, just bring what you can.
I feel pretty comfortable guaranteeing that you will take home more than you brought!
(People have brought cookies, brownies, string cheese, and I my own self will trade almost anything for coffee LOL.)
It's been a long time since the spring swap, and a really tough gardening season, what with spring floods and summer drought.
It will be good to see everybody and catch up and re-energize ourselves.
Can't wait!

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  • lindabuchanan13

    Thanks Sylvia. I'll be there. Not sure what I'll bring.

  • Sylvia Gordon


    Forgot to remind everybody, be sure to wear loose, comfy clothing and shoes, bring your Sun hat, sunglasses, and sunblock, & be sure to stay hydrated!

    If the spirit moves you, bring snacks and bottled water or drinks to share.

    I don't know what I will be bringing either.

    Everything is so parched right now. Whatever greens up will probably hop into pots and boxes and beg me to take them to Fort Worth LOL.

    I will also dig around to see if I have decorative items to share, and I do have some black Nursery Pots if anyone wants them.

  • ruthz

    Looking forward to it. A month gives me time to try to root some stuff. I have some Fruit Cocktail Shrimp Plant rooting now and will cut some more things today.

    This has not been a good gardening year for me as I've done almost nothing in our yard. Too cold, too wet and then too hot.

  • lindabuchanan13

    Ruth, that goes for me too. Some plants that normally get really large are stunted this year and some have barely bloomed. This may be a bare bones swap.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    If anyone has starts or seeds for a fall vegetable garden, one of my neighbors is very eager to get started growing her own food.

  • darlenegalindo

    I'm not going to be able to make the swap. Dang it. Definitely will see you in the spring.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Dang girl! See you in spring!

  • Shan G.

    Hey, guys! my daughters birthday party is on that afternoon she’s already turning 11!) So I will try to make it but we will see.

    Sylvia- I have a variety of brassicas as well as pumpkins and squash to trade for your friend looking for veggies.

    I may also have some mums, pink Turks cap, orange day lilies, etc. to swap.

    Sylvia Gordon thanked Shan G.
  • Sylvia Gordon


    I will post as soon as I know what I have. Thanks!

  • Sylvia Gordon

    I can bring some plumbago a "cast-iron, bullet-proof" ground cover that is blooming as we speak!

    I have not watered at all.

    Flowers are a beautiful intense blue.

    If anyone wants a few, I can dig up some lycoris radiata, & I can take some flame acanthus cuttings.

  • lindabuchanan13

    Sylvia, I would love to have some of your plumbago. I had some in a pot that didn't make it through the winter so lesson learned - put it in the ground.

  • ruthz

    Sylvia, I would also like plumbago if you have enough.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Will bring!

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Can anyone use plain black Nursery pots?

    I have lots of 1 gallon pots, as well as some smaller ones and maybe some to gallon pots.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    I will bring a few mums and some dianthus, and I have some tiny baby red yuccas.

    It's getting closer, I'm getting all happy and excited!

  • ruthz

    What are you all looking for??

    I can bring a couple of different kinds of brugmansia cuttings if anyone wants them.

    I have plenty of Red Shrimp Plants that I can take cuttings of.

    I have pink turks cap that I could dig.

    Forgot that I also have small agave's that I could dig.

    I'm only going to take cuttings or dig if someone asks for these, so let me know.

    Other than that, do y'all like pumpkin bread?

    I would love Copper canyon daisy if anyone has extra. I've been looking for it at nurseries but haven't seen any.

  • tejas_ruthie

    Hi :) Is the swap in the same place it's been in the past? I had to miss a few years. I don't have much but would love to swing by.

    Edited to add that I see the directions now. Sorry for the dumb question, ha!

  • Sylvia Gordon

    I could have sworn I posted this, so in case I really actually did post this, and it's just not showing up for some reason on my screen, oops, I apologize LOL.

    Ruth I would love some pink turkscap! Please let me know what I can bring you. If it isn't listed, mention it anyway. I may be able to find something somewhere!

  • ruthz

    Sylvia, I think your already bringing me plumbago. If you don't have enough plumbago, any of the other things your already bringing will be fine.

  • lindabuchanan13

    It 's been so hot for so long that I haven't bothered to get many cuttings rooted. These are the things that I do have:

    Mexican honeysuckle (2)

    Skyscraper salvia (1)

    Lemon sorbert shrimp (2)

    Brazilian petunia (1 - but can dig more sprouts)

    Yellow acanthus (1)

    Blue Fountain caryopteris (1)

    Uruguayian firecracker plant (dicliptera suberecta) 1 potted but can dig more

  • lindabuchanan13

    Oh, one more thing I can bring - night blooming cereus. Mine bloomed recently for the first time in about 7 years. You guys probably already have it but if anyone wants some cuttings I'll be glad to bring them. Mine has grown out of control so it will have to have a major pruning before it can be brought inside for the winter.

  • ruthz

    Linda I would like one of your Mexican honeysuckle please.

    What type of things are you looking for?

  • lindabuchanan13

    Ruth, your name will be on the Mex. honeysuckle. I'm not looking for anything specifically. I already have the things you listed including some brugs that I got from you previously that are doing well. If you have a rose that you don't mind cutting off a piece, that would be great. Any kind/color as I don't have any.

  • ruthz

    Linda, I do have roses but I don't think I should share with anyone right now. I've lost 3 to Rose rosette disease this year and numerous others for no apparent reason the past two years. Maybe it was also Rose rosette and they just didn't show the obvious signs.

    Marshall's Grain is having an awesome sale so I picked up extra's of a few things. See if any of these interest you.


    cassandra plant

    Luna hibiscus

    Plumbago (light blue flowers)

    Santa Barbara Mexican Bush Sage

    white trailing lantana

    I don't think this is the same as Sylvia's plumbago. This is not a ground cover type and has light blue flowers.

  • ruthz

    Forgot about these. I have a few Crocosmia bulbs that I got recently. I don't know the color.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Countdown has begun! Car is loaded, there's gas in the tank, alarm is set. Can't wait to see everyone!

  • lindabuchanan13

    I’m here but no one else. Is anyone on the way? 9:00 was posted as start time but maybe people thought 10:00. I’ll wait around for awhile.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Sluggish engine this morning, and I do not mean the car LOL. Just got here. Me and one more person. If anyone needs to call, my number is 214-980-5496.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    It was so much fun to get together with everyone, catch up on everything, swap some plants... and even repeat our tradition of hijacking innocent passers-by and handing them stuff LOL.

    Thanks to all for making the swap so much fun.

  • ruthz

    Enjoyed visiting and brought home great plants. Thanks so much.

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