Lawn renovation in Maryland

September 9, 2019

I’m not a big “Lawn guy” but I wouldn’t mind having a nice lawn at least in the front of the house, for curb appeal purposes. Not something golf-course worthy, but something better than the 8 types of grass (including crabgrass and Japanese stiltgrass) I have now! I am in MD - full on transition zone. Zoysia does ok here but cool-season is still preferred. Almost everyone does TTTF here.

If I were to do a full renovation (kill off lawn, amend/lime, replant):

  1. Is it worth the rather high labor and monetary expense to obtain enough compost for a ~1/4 acre plot when replanting a lawn (the size of my front yard)?
  2. How heavy of a roller is best to get a smooth surface after tilling/raking, but without compacting it TOO much?
  3. Are the hybrid bluegrasses (with extra heat tolerance) worthwhile as compared to tall fescue in a transition-zone area?
  4. Is a little perennial rye in my zone for quick green and erosion control necessary, or does the fescue grow fast enough on its own? If I do add PR, will it die off eventually anyway?

Soil is well drained loam, and QUITE acidic on its own (pH in the upper 4s/low 5s).

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