Such Beautiful Flowers, Jaune Desprez or Desprez a fleurs Jaune

5 days ago

I just stumbled upon this climbing rose, never heard of it before. Its not mentioned much over here either. Shows many beautiful colors, from yellow to pink and all colors in between and the fragrance is unusual and drawing.....I would love to grow this one! Several places say it can grow in zone 6 but thats the limit it seems.

Is anyone growing this rose? Please share how it works for you?


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  • frances_in_nj

    Yes, its a real beauty! Unfortunately, in my zone 6, it was not hardy. When we first moved to our house, I planted it right by the house (so very sheltered) and it survived the first few winters, which happened to be mild. But then we had a hard one, and it died. I tried, twice, replacing it, but both died, and I gave up, concluding its not really a good choice for my climate. If you are in zone 6, I think it would be a gamble, but if you really love it and have a super sheltered spot, it might be worth trying. Also, I guess it depends where in zone 6 you are (I don't know if I'm a or b, but suspect colder zone 6a) Maybe others will have additional thoughts for you. Whatever you decide, good luck! (Incidentally, the one I had that survived a few years was a graft from Pickering. Once Pickering went out of business, I couldn't find another source for it grafted, so the 2 subsequent ones I got were own root. Don't know if this makes a difference, however).

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  • katyajini

    Thank you Frances for sharing that. Wow losing jaune Desprez after several years must have left quite a hole in your garden. It is said that this one gets very big. Maybe its the cold and maybe this is not a tough as nails, bullet proof kind of rose any way? I do want to try it. ARE sells it but is now sold out. I want to get it from them as they say hardy to Z6. I think I am at least Z6B maybe even 7 and protected. But very bad winters do happen. Did it bloom through out the season? Do you remember the fragrance?

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